The Church Girl is Pregnant – Guess Who is Responsible

The Church Girl

“Oh, these are beautiful!!!” marvelled Aisha, a co-worker at the Browne Law Firm where Mary served. “Who got you these?” she asked, admiring the bouquet of a dozen red roses on Mary’s desk.

Mary shoved the card in her face, uninterested. It read: “Let’s start over. Dine with me. Luv, Ifeanyi”.

“Who’s Ifeanyi?” Aisha asked, as though he was a mysterious prince.

“Just an arrogant guy from camp,” replied Mary.

“Doesn’t sound arrogant to me!” said Aisha. “Whatever he did, this says sorry! Can’t you give him another chance?”

“I don’t have time for guys, abeg!” Mary retorted. “Don’t you have work to do?”

“Okay!” said Aisha, dropping the card on the table. “You know, you can do with a little lightning up. Life’s too short.” And with that, she went to her desk, and busied herself on her computer.

Mary couldn’t help but think about Aisha’s words. Maybe she was being too hard on him. But he is not a Christian, she told herself. Well, he did make the effort to go to Church, she reasoned. Maybe he’s trainable. And it was only dinner. If there’s no spark, then there’s nothing lost. Maybe he’ll get off her case, when he realizes that she’s not his kind after all.

She picked up the card and looked at the flowers. He is kinda sweet, she smiled. He had scribbled his number at the
bottom. She decided she would send him a text. “Got your flowers. Thanks”, was all she wrote.

“What about our date?” came his instant response.

When she didn’t respond after ten minutes, he dialled her number instead. Her voice, as she picked the call, was so sweet, he smiled. “When can I take you to dinner?” he asked.

“I’m free Saturday,” she responded casually and added, “I don’t do late nights.”

“I’ll pick you up at 7pm. I’ll be your perfect gentleman,” he replied, with a grin.

“Good. I’ll text my address. Bye.” And with that, she cut the call.

Ifeanyi smiled to himself when he heard her click off. He breathed a sigh of relief, as he put down his phone. It instantly pinged with several BBM messages, from neglected Babes, who were still pining for his attention. But he wasn’t interested in any of them now. He was planning the most romantic dinner of the century. – – Excerpt from “The Church Girl“.

Well, you know how relationships are. There are constant quarrels, disagreements, breakups and reunion. The quarrels maybe over little things. It may be over important stuffs. All the same there is quarrel.

The church girl starts with Ifeanyi already heads over heels in love with Mary. Although he did not know it yet. He thought she’d just be another catch to use and dump.

Mary is the church type. He is not. Besides, he dislikes church girls. They never are fun to be with. But Mary was different; beautiful, smart and bold to shut out men and their unsolicited compliments.

It took several attempts and a word from a co-worker at Mary’s place of primary assignment, to make her give him a chance. A first date and then a second.

As their relationship progressed, things weren’t rosy for them, especially with Mary carrying a child from another man, in her womb. And even though Ifeanyi looked past it and decided to love her still, his own past showed up, at their first engagement, Pregnant. This and several other issues threaten their union time and again with broken engagements.

The story keeps you hooked with romance, suspense, betrayals, intrigue, and love that is truly unconditional.

According to Chiamaka Okpara, book reviewer at Bellanaija and Chief Editor at, “this story is a Telemundo type”.

It just keeps you going, chapter by chapter, until you find yourself emersed in the lives of the characters. They come alive in your world and you journey with them through their ordeals, crying, laughing and screaming.

The story touched me, emotionally.

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Our human ways are limited. We cannot know all, neither can we do all. This story doesn’t only keep you reading and wondering what happens next, it makes you understand what it means to know God, personally, How to bring him into your everyday affair and trust him to take charge.

This book will help you understand better, how to handle your relationship, married or not, so it blossoms.

You Can Get The Church Girl Here

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