Ogidan Ayobami’s Story of Love, Sex and Money

The story of love makes it possible for some people to be born with the privilege of a better life. Others are not. They work for it. Some take the fast route. Others take it slow.

The Paid Consort depicts the lifestyle of three desperate ladies who want to reach the millionaire status as fast as possible. They know the streets, and they’re the top players in the runs girl business.

These ladies are like the everyday people we come across; funny, witty, desperate, emotional, smart, deceptive, and they actually fall in love too.

This story of love, sex and money, takes you on a roller coaster ride of rough living, risky decisions, glamorous lifestyle, beach parties, lies, deceit, sexcapade’s, a mix-up with politicians that leads to a thickened plot and finally, revenge.

Vickie, is the mammy of the house. Crazy, intelligent, and deep in the game. She has the connections. She knows the rules of the business better than the others, and she schools them in it. But of course, no one dishes out free lessons. For every outing the girls make, she gets her cut.

Onome is Vickie’s first student, even though she had already been in the game from a very early age, influenced by a terrible neighborhood, coupled with poverty.

She is Vickie’s ‘yes girl’. Obedient, so as not to be left behind in the business. But inwardly, she doesn’t agree with Vickie’s free spirit and perverted ways.

Nkemini is Onome’s closest friend, a sister from another mother. She’s a free spirit too. But wise enough not to cross certain lines. She is introduced into the business by Onome, after her mother is diagnosed with a terrible illness, and Onome’s mother passes to the great beyond.

Having grown up in poverty, she welcomes her new lifestyle with open arms. The glamour intoxicates her. The size of her great behind earns her more stares, and more clients.

The story is told through the eyes of one, Onome.

Several other characters emerge along the way, adding more fun, intrigue, suspense and romance.

As you read on, each character comes to life in your world. You feel their presence. You find yourself laughing with them, crying with them, consoling them and getting mad at their recklessness.

Now where does a reckless lifestyle lead one? You think you know, but you have not the slightest idea what comes next. Your guesses will always be wrong.

Believe me, Ogidan Ayobami, has everyone who reads this book at the edge of their seats.

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