Tomiwa and Rachael, Are Prisoners Of Love

He was cute, charming, gentle, humourous, and fondly loved by many—he was a ladies’ man …

She was elegant, beautiful, and adorable; an epitome of beauty who dragged along the sun and the moon in her radiance—she was a perfect definition of gorgeousness …

A chance meeting ignited a spark between them that lead to an explosive and intriguing love story that was only rivalled by the age-long story of Romeo and Juliet …

His name was Tomiwa Lawson and her name was Rachael Jackson.

Their love story was forged in heaven as they were made for each other and the chemistry between them was second to none. It was a story of absolute trust, undying love, and heart-touching sacrifices. They were the perfect couple many others wanted to model their relationships after. It was safe to say that they were madly in love and that their love was more than the intoxication of an age-long vintage wine. The emotional attachment for each other engulfed them in a feeling they could hardly comprehend or find the appropriate set of words to describe. It felt like being in another world—a land of tranquillity and unimaginable splendour; a Utopia. It was the feeling of being lost in a land of fairy tales—yes, the land of El-Dorado!

However, the suddenly death of a family friend few months to their wedding set up a chain of events that shook their relationship to its very foundation and rocked boisterously, the fragile boat of their love. The turbulence was great and unrelenting, and the outcome could be terrible and catastrophic!

What connection did the death of Samuel have with their magnificent love story? Would they be able to hold the relationship together or would it be the end of a remarkable love affair?

What happens when an astonishing love story suddenly goes sour?
Find out in Prisoner of Love.

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