​If Sex Dolls Where Available in Nigeria, and Affordable, Will Nigerian Men Go For it? 

Wait! Before you conclude, let’s look at some features of these sex dolls

1. They look and feel real – what makes it better? They come with interchangeable face masks and their genitals are customized. They feel very real.

2. They have warm skin, just like a living breathing woman does. So you don’t feel like you’re touching a cold object.

3. They come with vibrating vaginas and they mimic human (feminine) responses accurately. So they are almost as good as the real deal.

4. Yes, these sex dolls have skeletons too. Flexible, that enables you bend the doll over, or however you wish.

5. What’s more? Their skin is soft, their lips are soft and can stretch too. They’ve got soft tongue and silicone teeth. Their jaws drop open and then close in a realistic way.

6. The robot sex dolls are very human like. They talk back to you, flirt and interact with their owners.

What are the downsides?

1. They have only one genital opening, and cannot perform multiple functions like a real woman would.

2. There is an emotional connection that is built during sex. They want to feel loved and desired. Unfortunately, a sex doll only does what it has been programmed to do. It cannot make you feel loved.

3. It cannot help put the house in order. So if you marry a sex doll, which some people have done, you still get to do your own shopping, cook your own meals, do your own laundry and clean up your own house.

4. It cannot get pregnant. In other words, it can’t have kids for you.

5. It cannot help raise kids. Neither can it support the home, financially and emotionally.

The above are just a few points on the pros and cons of sex dolls.
But you see, there have been lots of articles and interviews circling online about people who have these dolls. And from there interviews and articles, we’ve come to see that people who own sex dolls develop emotional attachments to them.

One Chinese man said he’ll never cheat on his doll. Not even with a prostitute. He takes her for shopping, bathes her, dresses her up and the takes her out for long strolls.

One major reason behind the sudden large preference for sex dolls steam out of the fact that men say women are too troublesome. They nag, abuse, make too much demands and Ultimately, deny them sex.

To worsen issues, marriages, these days, are seen as jail-traps. Men are scared of making marriage commitments. Why should they get entangles in problems, when they can just get a doll to fulfill their erotic fantasies?

From interviews though, people who go for sex dolls are mostly frustrated in a bad relationship or are too shy to approach women for a relationship.

Having discussed sex dolls with some male friends and even family members, some defend the use of sex dolls, saying Nigerian women are full of shit. Auch! That hurts.

Others do not defend it. Sure, they say a lot of Nigerian ladies have too many problems and are too demanding or nag too much. But all the same, they’d rather go for a real woman, than a doll.

Read what Kenneth had to say about these dolls: “Isn’t the world getting crazier? Of course like the article suggests, it’s going to be worse in the coming years for the unbelievers. It’s no longer fornication problem, adultery problem, homosexual problem, even beastility problem, some listed are normal to the world now. The sacredness of sex Isn’t a thing to be considered anymore but to be fully and crazily explored. It is now sex dolls and sex bots, the usual sex toys like dildo and vibrators are no longer enough.

What a world, men are becoming animals, and they seems not to notice they are losing their humanity, souls has been twisted otherwise why would a man prefer to be in a relationship with a doll? Isn’t that madness? Not different from the guys who is mentally imbalance”.

Solomon said: “Women are the ones causing the problem for themselves. When you insult a man too much or all you do is ask for money, and inthe long run, say you can’t have sex, you’re pushing him away.
All the same, I choose a real woman over dolls, any day”.
Tosan said: “the people making these dolls are under satanic influence”.

Charles said: “wow. This is bad sha. It will affect a lot of things”.

The above are just few opinions from fellow Nigerians. So over to you. We want to hear your own input, “If Sex Dolls Where Available in Nigeria, and Affordable, Will you, as a Nigerian Man go for it?

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