She Said ‘No Sex Before Marriage,’ – But She Cheated

Ayo, 28 years old, muscular, and about 6ft tall, was not actually the Spirikoko type, especially in terms of sex before marriage.

He has had his own share of girlfriends and he did have sex with all of them during the course of the relationships.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. He did go to Church, and he prayed like any other regular Christian.

But now out of school and serving in another state, Ayo would really have loved to have a girlfriend he could relax with during the NYSC period. But mature reasoning took over, pushing away the thought of another year of sexual exploits, to, a year to find my bride.

And so in the school where he taught, he met this girl he refers to as, “Spirikoko”.

She’d spend time preaching to the students in the school and telling them to turn away from the things of this world. Her dressing and general conduct was descent and Ayo found himself drawn to her.

In his words, he said, “I have seen my wife”.

And so Ayo approached her. It was no easy chase, as she was determined to not ruin her reputation as a good Christian. But as a man who knew just how to woo a woman, he succeeded. She agreed to date him.

However, she had to let him know, there’s no way they would be having sex. She’s a good Christian girl, and she couldn’t indulge in premarital sex.

Ayo agreed. Why hurry, when he’d marry her after their service year and then have all the time to make her his woman in every way pleasurable to a man’s heart?

While his male counterparts went about unleashing their sexual desires on some of the secondary school girls and even other ladies in that location, Ayo kept to himself, even though in his heart, he would have loved to join them.

Temptations from other ladies were rubbed in his face. He was almost sure he’d fall for them. But one thought about his decent girlfriend kept him in check.

Fast forward to a few months later, Ayo buys his girlfriend a Nokia 3 Android smartphone, and while configuring it, she gave him a password to use. This password, Ayo memorized, especially as she had made it clear, it was her general password.

Some days later,  NEPA struck, and they needed a place to charge their phones. His girlfriend said she was going to see a female cousin of hers who lived in the same state. And so she’d just charge her phone there.

It was after the charger was connected to the socket, and Ayo’s phone came on, that he decided to log into Facebook.

It so turned out it had the last user detail, as the user was the last to sign out. The email of the last user, however, belonged to his girlfriend.

Curiosity made Ayo type in the password he had memorized, and wa la! The account opened. But so did a can of worms, heartbreak and the inability to forgive.

It so turns out, his girlfriend didn’t go visiting any cousin of hers. She went to see another guy who served in the same state. And from their Facebook chat, they were definitely having raw, steamy sex.

The painful part was that Ayo knew the guy personally.

There’s more though. This lady was also dating two married men in two different states. Checking their status on Facebook, Ayo could see that they were well to do.

So had he been the fool for months?  His world scattered that instant. And since then, he has had many other girlfriends. But he doesn’t trust them, neither does he take them seriously. And he insists on having sex, or not going on with the relationship.

As a Man, as a Woman, how would you respond to heartbreak? And what advice will you give Ayo?

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this.

PS: This is a real-life story

PSS: When will my fellow sisters stop falling my hand sef?

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