Self-hosted Blog VS Social Media – How Facebook Almost Banned My Account


Though I have a Facebook page, I have a blog that I take very seriously. Yes, Pelleura.

So some months back, I was up and about my business one morning, when I got a message from Facebook. The title of the message really set off a warning alarm somewhere in my head that something was wrong. I opened the message and it was a stern warning about a video that was posted on my fan page – Karo’s Story.

Now, at that time, there was a girl working with me. Part of her posting schedule required she posted funny videos but give credit to the owners of the videos.

So there was a particular video she posted and the owner was not credited. The owner saw the video and instead of sending me a direct message, asking that we give him/her credit or take down the video, he/she hit the report button and reported me straight away.

Now I know what it feels like to steal someone else’s work. Mine has been stolen several times. But I wasn’t even aware that the girl working with me had posted a video without crediting the owner.

Anyway, Facebook took down the video and warned me to take down other videos/ articles or social posts that didn’t belong to me, or get banned.

I quietly went back to my page to pull down the videos. Every other thing was owned by me. I sent the girl working with me a message on WhatsApp to give her a heads up of what had happened and ask her not to repeat the same mistake.

Well, at least I got a warning. Some people are not so privileged. They wake up to find they’ve been banned, or that their accounts have been suspended. This also applies to free blogs like Blogger and WordPress.

One of the terms and conditions in these two popular free blogs is that they can decide to terminate your account with or without giving you a heads up. And if you have built that blog with content and followers, all your hard work goes down.

Another experience was when a popular Instagram user got afraid that Instagram had blocked her account. That account is what she uses for her business and branding. She’s got 50k followers but no website or email list of followers.

If her account goes down today, all 50k followers will be lost.

Why I’m I writing this? Over the weekend, News making the rounds was that Twitter purged locked accounts. As a result, a lot of people were affected. Businesses too.

Just to let you understand clearly what I’m referring to, I took out this excerpt from –

Twitter says it’s removing locked profiles so that users’ follower counts more accurately reflect the number of real people who choose to follow their tweets. Twitter locks an account as a penalty for violating its policies or when it detects a sudden change in behavior, like a significant uptick in replies, tweeting misleading links, or if a large number of people suddenly block the account. As a security protection, Twitter also sometimes locks an account when its credentials have been posted or leaked elsewhere online.

Now that you get a clearer picture, you can see that if you’re caught up, or even mistakenly caught violating Twitter’s policy, you get locked.

During this cleanout exercise, top celebrities lost millions of followers. I bet even those with a hundred followers must have lost a lot of followers too.

Now, this is just twitter. the truth is, each social media platform has its own rules and regulations. If you’re caught breaking those rules, you get blocked out of your account. And if you had gathered thousands of followers for your business or even personal account(s), you wouldn’t have access to those followers again unless you are able to retrieve your account.

The other solution will be to create a new account and try to get those people to follow you again. Of course, it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. It’s going to take a lot of work to get it done. And even at that, not all of them will follow you again.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying social media is bad for business. It’s not. It is great. You use it to connect with your target audience and build relationships that aids sales. But you can also use them to drive traffic to your blog. But please, do not totally bank on a social account to grow and sustain your business and followers.

Also, before someone buys from you, this person will definitely love to know more about your products and services in details and your regular blog post is what can help convince that person, you know your stuff. Having a blog, in fact, shows you’re serious about your business.

Each social media account has its rule. You cannot totally bank on growing your business on social media or a free blog. Aim to have a self-hosted blog or website and use social media to grow your blog followers and email subscribers, so that if your social account goes down, you can still reach a lot of your followers via the email they subscribed with.

This is why, I will always advise anyone serious about starting a business online, to ensure they have a self-hosted blog or website, that has been arranged and set to convert, then they can push the traffic from social media to their own platforms.

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