What is Pelleura About


I know a lot of you have been wondering, what is Pelleura now about? Will Karo stop giving us those juicy stories? Or will we get only stories and articles on motivation, inspiration, business and so on?

Pelleura is a platform that focuses on telling stories. These stories could be entertaining, inspiring, motivating, or just what you need to actually give your everyday living or business a boost.

So here’s the thing. Pelleura is of two sections.

  1. Pelleura Business
  2. Pelleura Stories

What you’ve experienced these past few weeks is Pelleura Business and a very tiny bit of Pelleura Story. But in the coming week, there will be a lot of both.


Pelleura Business focuses on motivational and inspirational stories to help you get through your daily challenges, business stories/articles for SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise), Brand Stories for your businesses, Self Love and Self Improvement Stories, Relationship, social, e-marketing and even religious stories.


Pelleura Story focuses on fiction/nonfiction stories. These stories are mostly to entertain you. But they also can be written to market your business. Now imagine a fiction or real life story POSTED IN SERIES, getting people’s attention and your business being mentioned in it over and over again. With links of course, to your social page or personal/business websites or blog. Yup That’s it. Creating awareness for you. And like every business out there, if you want this sort of advert, it is going to cost you a small fee.


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Still want to know more? You can read more about Pelleura, here

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I am a B2B/B2C Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Blogger and Online Business Consultant. I am also an Author and Story teller at pelleura.top

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