Working Your Day Job And Your Business? See How to Manage Your Time


My sister-in-law has a full-time job which requires a lot of traveling to meet with clients. And when she’s not traveling, she’s still marketing, meeting prospective clients within the state. Her work is 8 – 5.

That’s not all. When she gets home at night, she prepares dinner, takes care of my little nephew, and take on one or two chores.

With all of the above, she still finds time to take orders from personal clients, prepare their orders and deliver on time. What business does she do? She bakes cakes for different accessions, chinchin and small chops. She also makes liquid soap and bleach for clothes.

Requests come in every week, and every week, she delivers. She’s never out of liquid soap, or chin chin, or unable to bake cakes for clients.

Now let’s come to me. I worked full-time with OkadaBooks. When I say full-time, I mean round the clock. I was in marketing (online and offline), Customer support, social media, content for website and company documents, content for the blog was the most recent, And then, reviews.

I was only able to take short breaks here and there to attend to personal stuff. But in a way, I was able to keep Pelleura moving, even though not as much as I had wanted. The aim was to not let my blog die because I knew I was going to fall back on it someday. And that day came sooner than I thought.

I know a lot of other people who have tasking jobs but still push hard to start and grow a business. Even the owner of OkadaBooks was a staff at Total while running OkadaBooks at the side.

The owner of Ads Global, did the same. He managed his time to set up Ads Global, while still working for his former employer.

If all of us mentioned above can do it, then you too can do it, and even better.

Most people who want to start a business on the side while working their full job wonder how to go about it. Believe you me, it is one of the most stressful experiences you can ever go through. But if you implement the tips below, you should be able to scale through. And in the end, it is worth the trouble.

1. Practice Smart Time and Task Management
As a full-time OkadaBooks staff, I was working round the clock. There are always things to attend to outside of your daily schedules. In times like this, what I did was draw up 2 schedules. One for OkadaBooks and one for me. The plan was to reduce my personal target for the day, so I could meet up with it.

You will be hyper-stressed, torn apart emotionally and left guilty if you cannot meet up nearly half of your personal business tasks for the day. It is, for this reason, always advisable to schedule one or two daily personal tasks that help build your business. This way, you meet up with the company’s tasks as well as yours. You’ll find you end each day with fulfillment.

2. Free Yourself From the Office.
Please, this does not in anyway mean, quit your job. It means do not let office activities weigh you down or stress you too much, that you end up being physically and emotionally drained, destabilized, and unable to handle even a small portion of the task you assigned yourself.

3. Don’t Try to do it All By Yourself.
Being a fulltime staff at OkadaBooks, I had to hire hands to assist with a few weekly write-ups, and another for social media, so as to keep the blog going. I didn’t want people to come in and see that the last post was made since August 2017. Yes that was when things got really tight at work.

It wouldn’t cost you too much to hire people to assist you. In the case of my sister-in-law, she outsources the cake baking to her very good friend. She branches over on her way home to get the already baked cakes, then she starts icing them one after the other, every night. By the weekend, the cake is ready for that wedding or party. And if it is a weekday party, you still get your cake in time. This strategy is what she uses for her chin chin and small chops. However, when she is on leave, she does all the baking herself.

4. Invest in Advertisement

This is one of the best things you can do, especially if you do not have the time to handle your own marketing and promotions. Pay others to do it for you. You need to spend money if you must grow your business.

I know of a lady, Shola is her name, and like my sister-in-law, she is into cake baking and catering services. But at the same time, she teaches Music at a local primary school.

Shola never used to manage her free time wisely. She never made anything out of it. Some days she could stay on social media, viewing posts by others. Sometimes, she sat to watch Television almost all through the weekend. Other times, she worked hard at the office, taking on extra time and extra work. By the time she got home, she was usually fagged out, and again, guilt would take over, telling her how she failed herself and her business.

It is at this point Shola started to complain about not having the needed time to run her business as she’d have loved to. She cried time was never enough until one day, after a series of time management courses she had taken online, she woke up with the determination to create the much needed time for her business.

Shola started out by avoiding all school tasks that were not on her to-do list. She pushed to finish her daily tasks as quickly as possible, so she could close in time.

Her business picked up, and not long afterward, She hired two girls to assist her. So even when she’s at work, her business is being taken care of, on a full scale. But Shola never fails to visit the small shop she had rented for her new staffs. She created the time to monitor their activities, efforts, and schedule

I know it is easier said than done, that’s why I will encourage you. If you want to run a side business while keeping your day job, start to plan your time. Draw up daily and weekly schedules and work towards accomplishing them. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to keep up, get an accountability partner. Please, not a best friend, but accountability partner. Someone you report to daily or weekly about what you’ve achieved, how you achieved, the obstacles you faced and how to overcome them.

With the above information, you can then brainstorm with your accountability partner on how to overcome those obstacles and how to go forward. So take the bull by the horn and build that business. You can do it.

I Offer Consultation Sessions For  Starting and Growing Your Business Online. You can talk to me.

Cheers, and Happy New Month


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  1. I have a full plate too… 3children, a blog, full time job and a I just started a business (children center) while doing my masters programme. I get so overwhelmed sometimes I just shut down.

    I am learning to use my time wisely, while I keep telling myself… “Ufedo,you can do this”

    Thanks for the info… Gems are in there

      1. One second at a time… I have a househelp who assists with chores and the children while I am at work. Aside that,I’m taking them a second at a time while praying I don’t drop any of the balls.

  2. Can I have this as an email? I have a day job and also run a Cosmetic business by the side. Also want to revive my Chinchin making n supply which has taken a back seat. God bless you for me Sis. #lots of kisses

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