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Sometime last week, I received the below message in my Facebook inbox from Oluyemisi.

“Hello. Thanks for your interest in taking budding writers on your wings. I downloaded and read your book “If blogs could speak”. As much as I would love to go into blogging, I think it’s going to be a bit tasking for someone with my health condition. Hence, I will like to explore other alternatives that can earn me some Income through writing. My health has deteriorated so much lately. For the past eight months or more, I have been on hospital admission, in crisis. Most of my Facebook posts are done in the hospital. The doctors know what the problem is but I don’t feel bold enough to mention it here.

I really want to raise money through writing. I am open to writing options that will not be so demanding on my health and will at the same time earn me some money. This is one of the short stories I have published online: Blood Menace: Fiction Story

I actually self-published a novel in the year 2012. Now I want to sell it in downloadable e-Book format so we can raise money to pay my hospital bill which is now running to the tune of 200k.

Oluyemisi A. Adedokun-Oladejo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Tai Solarin University of Education and a Master’s Degree in Literature in English from The University of Ibadan. She was working with the Ogun State Teaching Service Commission until health issues got in the way. You can find her on Facebook Oluyemisi A. Adedokun-Oladejo. Her e-mail address is

I followed up with her via Facebook Messenger and we talked on the phone. Oluyemisi isn’t out to beg for money. She’d rather work for it, by ghostwriting for you or selling her ebook to you. If you read her story, Blood Menace, you’ll understand how wonderful a writer she is.

Please, let’s help this dear lady raise money to cover her hospital bills.

The book, OMIDAN (The Maiden), isn’t expensive. It goes for only N1,000 naira, and it is an interesting book. See the Burb and reviews below.


How does an innocent orphan from the village become a murderer in the city? How does the culture of silence benefit the silent one? What African cultural and societal practices oppress the girl-child?

Caught in a web of mishaps resulting from the loss of both parents early in life, Romoke strives to make headway in life. Does she realize her dream? Are hard work and determination all she needs to succeed in life? Find out in this canonical literary piece.


Testimonials On OMIDAN (The Maiden)

Omidan deftly captures the plight of the feminine gender in a patriarchal African society. This book is a must-read for adolescents, parents and guardians alike. – Dr. Dele Jiboku, (Chief Lecturer, Department of General Studies, The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro).

Omidan is a poignant tale of being and becoming. It delineates the physical and emotional maturity of a girl-child in a Yoruba community. What makes the story particularly remarkable is the author’s ability to balance a sophisticated voice with innocence. The writer’s sophistication and the protagonist’s innocence, rather than clash, accentuate one another. Adedokun-Oladejo is a compassionate writer whose objectivity is finely set off without sensationalism. She is a writer to watch out for. – Funmi Gaji, (Writer/poet, literary critic, blogger).

Full of suspense and intriguing, this is a masterpiece. The characters in the novel are so true to life, one almost forgets that this is a fiction. – Dr. Sesan Olugbemi, Dean, School of Information and Communication Technology,  The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

The novel Omidan, though a fictional work, is highly educative, full of suspense and a good use of literary devices. The novel exposes the dehumanizing experiences of a female orphan at the rural level. The novel also satirizes many vices in our society. It is recommended for teenagers and young adults alike, as a guide to have positive female values in a society like ours. – Omoniyi, B. Christiana (Deputy Chairman, ASSUS, Yewa South, Ogun State).

You are a highly talented and exposed writer. I commend your research effort in publishing this book and I recommend it for all students. – Balogun, F.E, Head-Teacher, Nehemiahs Academy, Atoyo).

Omidan is an engaging work and a page turner which makes the reader want more. It’s a wonderful blend of Yoruba culture and the unearthing of societal vices. – Dayo Arogundade (Insurance Broker/Actor).

So in exchange for your SUPPORT, you get an interesting read. Please help save a life today. The Payment link is a secure PayStack page. So your card details are safe. If you will like to donate more than N1500, please contact me privately or Oluyemisi via email ( Nothing is too small. And we appreciate every contribution.

Click to get the book here.


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