Mary Okeke’s Review of Susan’s Diary and What Happened Next


Susan’s Diary is my first book to get a review by a book blogger. It is also the first of my stories I brought to public eyes. That was in 2013. Even at that time, I knew my writing wasn’t anything compared to that of some other writers.

Then, it was the kind and very supportive readers on my page (God bless all of them) who pointed out errors in my work(s) but even at that, there is so much they can point. There was no way they’d be able to correct the entire work.  So I learned from their corrections and also from other writers whose works I read back to back and learned a lot from. I thought I knew punctuation. But these writers taught me. Not my Englis teacher. Lol.

Before this time, I had written and released the first book in the Susan’s Diary series. Some people bought a copy. Others didn’t. Sales were low. But I still was looking for every means for a breakthrough. In a writer’s group, I came across a writer who spoke about Mary Okeke (One of Naija’s top book reviewers).

Being that Marry Okeke had reviewed a lot of well-written books, I was scared about giving her mine to read, especially as, it was poorly written, and I had gone through her blog and seen some reviews on other author’s books that weren’t good at all.

It took a while to throw away my fear and take my stand that whatever tone the review took, I’d take it in good fate and learn from it instead. So I closed my eyes and wrote her an email. Thankfully, she replied, saying she would be glad to read and review my book. So I submitted it, closed my email and went on my knees. Lol.

It was about three weeks later the review was posted. And she sent me the link. My heartbeat tripled like it did back in Uni when I would go to the departmental notice board every new term, to view results for the previous term’s Examination.

With one eye closed and the other opened, I slowly read the review. Ha! Then both eyes opened. You cannot imagine the excitement that coursed through me. The all mighty Mary Okeke, read my Susan’s Diary and had lots of nice things to say. I danced around my house and offered my neighbors the only cash I had on me that day for celebration. Lol.

To top things up, Mary Okeke interviewed me on her blog. Meeeehhhnnn I was over the moon. I rushed with crazy speed to share the links.  I just could not let it pass. I even went as far as spamming comment sections. Hahahaha I needed the whole world to see that, Mary Okeke, despite how poorly written my book was, totally enjoyed it, and recommended it.

Yup! Sales went up, I gained some more followers and a few other writers and readers decided to take me seriously. People contacted me during my 5 minutes fame on Mary Okeke’s blog, and those 5 minutes were totally worth it.

Now fast forward to 5 years later, I’m a reviewer myself, and I’ve done a lot of book reviews for authors on OkadaBooks and here on Pelleura. One of my OkadaBooks reviews on Bella Naija for the book, Golibe, pulled in over fifty downloads in two days, and more by the weekend. It helped that the author had been marketing her book massively, so when the review dropped, it came as a boost.

In addition to the above, I also review products and services. This is for entrepreneurs who want their products and services written about in a sincere way that tells their target audience, they’re trustworthy and authentic. Of course, if your product is a scam, we will not review it.

So what does a review really do for you?

A book, product or services review

1. Changes how potential customers perceive you,

2. It builds your brands reputation,

3. Makes you understand and serve your customers better, and most importantly,

4. It builds trust among your target audience.



If you have a product/service, you definitely want people’s attention drawn to it. And for that, a review is what you need. Why? A lot of buyers these days are careful what they buy on the internet. And as such, you see them looking out for other people’s opinions about certain products and services before they buy. And, I’m your go-to person for that. I will:

a. Work closely with you and where possible, also test what you’re offering, to know more about your product and service(s).

b. Write out your review.

d. Advertise your review on our blog.

e. It will also be shared to our fan pages with 3900 plus and 4000 plus followers respectively.

E. We will set-up a one-day Facebook/Instagram paid ad boost for it, to get you more attention from your target audience. (bonus). I certainly look forward to working with you.

Cost for review N10,000


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