How Watching Indian Love Movies Made Me Think Their Men Are The Best for Marriage


Hehehehe… well, as the title implies, I really used to think Indian men are the best ever that any woman can settle down with. Don’t blame me. If you were a teenager like me, who watched a lot of Indian movies, thanks to the house help’s love for Indian films, then you would certainly have been in my shoes.

It’s throwback Thursday, and I just had to remember these movies.

IndianToofan was one of my favorites. I guess I remembered the name because of the song, “I am, I am Toofan, I am, I am ……. I don’t know what else they said. Lol.

Then there’s Nagina, the snake girl movie.


Ha! This one was serious. Lol. It made me more scared than in love with Indian men.  It also made me scared for them. The movie really was entertaining though.

Funny, those are the only two titles I remember, but I have watched a lot of Indian movies. Their love story was more than what Telemundo offers today. Lol. I fell in love with their men and within me, I’d always say, it’s going to be an Indian man. (in Patience Jonathan’s voice) Chei!

Don’t blame me o, please. Hehehe… their love story was/is too intense. I thought I was the only one in my dream world until I overheard my dad telling my mother, one of my senior cousins had made it known to her father, my Uncle, lol, that she would marry only an Indian man. She wouldn’t agree to date or marry any other tribe or race. *hahahahaha*. Please let me fall to the ground and laugh. This is serious.

I was in that boat too. I understood her feelings. In fact, I supported her quietly. I knew If I did that openly, my parent would turn on me, just like my Uncle and Aunty had turned on my cousin.

Years later, the mist cleared. We started to have sense, knowing that Indian men are not the only answers for a happily ever after romantic life. Senior cousin has since been happily married to a Nigerian man.

Me, I’m looking forward to settling down with a chocolate brown brother, please. Lol. All that Indian love story craze is over. I have my sense back. Lol.

Your turn. Which movies (any type at all) gave you the craziest ideas about settling down? It’s throwback Thursday people, let’s do this.



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