OMIDAN (The Maiden), by Oluyemisi Is Now Available on OkadaBooks


Sometime last week, I posted about a lady, Oluyemisi, who has been hospitalized for months and is in need of financial assistance to pay off her hospital bills and also pay for an upcoming surgery. She has a choice. To either beg for the money or work for it. She chose to work for it. You can see her story here.

A lot of you clicked on the buy link, but only a few paid. Still, I want to thank you all for your willingness to assist.

We reasoned that part of the reason you may have pulled away from buying a copy is that you are not familiar with the payment processor and you are being careful with sensitive details. We understand that. And that’s why, we’ve made Omidan available on OkadaBooks, for easy purchase and reading.

Also, I want to thank the lady who offered Oluyemisi an editing job and paid well for it. We do encourage those of you in need of a ghostwriter and editor, to please, contact her –

Please, let’s help this dear lady raise money to cover her hospital and surgery bills.

The book, OMIDAN (The Maiden), isn’t expensive. It goes for only N1,000 naira, and it is an interesting book. See the Burb below


How does an innocent orphan from the village become a murderer in the city? How does the culture of silence benefit the silent one? What African cultural and societal practices oppress the girl-child?

Caught in a web of mishaps resulting from the loss of both parents early in life, Romoke strives to make headway in life. Does she realize her dream? Are hard work and determination all she needs to succeed in life? Find out in this canonical literary piece.

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If you have any questions, Oluyemisi and I will be happy to answer them. Thanks so, so much for your support.

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