Faith Weds, Not Grace – Chapter 5


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FaithThe time was now 9:00 AM. A lot of worried family members and well-wishers were banging seriously at the door, requesting that it be opened; else they’ll break it down. It was time to start heading to the church and they wanted to be sure, Grace was ready.

“We have to let them in”, Grace said, “else they will break down the door. I know what my brothers can do”.

“But I can’t get married like this? This is a deception. You’re the one getting married. Not me”.

“Faith, somehow, I meant it yesterday when I said ‘I wish I was in your shoes. Alex doesn’t love me. It is why I was trying to get Steve to accept the pregnancy. Now you have my body. And you are carrying Alex’s child. Isn’t this what you wanted when you said you wish you were in my shoes?”

“Yes. But I want it like me”.

“Then you will lose. Alex is already married to that body and I’m willing to give it up. My family, in the name of maintaining respect, has been a major pain in my neck. I will be glad to come around as a friend to always see them. That way, I can check on them. I want your life, in exchange for two things.

“And what’s that?”

“That you continue with my course in the UK. Finish it, get the certificate. I already worked so hard for it”,

“Ah! I hate going back to school. And catching up with your school work? That’s going to be a headache. And what about my family? I’ll miss them so much”.

“Phew!” Grace sat back, “I think the only thing we can do now is to call Alex. Let him decide for us”.

“I will prefer we look for a solution before we talk to him”.

Bam! Bam! Bam! A very loud bang on the door followed, causing their fragile hearts to skip a beat.

“Oh!” Grace jumped to her feet, “they’re breaking down the door. Let’s open it quickly.”

The ladies rushed to the door, yelling at whoever was at the other side to stop, as they were opening the door already.

“What is wrong with the both of you?” Her mother asked as soon as the lash was undone and the door flew open. A lot of people have been out there for almost an hour knocking at your door. You made us very worried”.

“I’m sorry mom”, Faith tried to sound like Grace. “It’s just that, I’m not sure I want to marry Alex anymore, and Faith was only trying to change my mind. So I have a last wish as a woman still under your roof. We, Faith and I, want to speak with Alex”.

Her mother frowned, “you know the stand your father and I have taken on this issue. If you don’t go through with this wedding, don’t expect anything else from us”, she marched off.

“What in God’s name was that, sis?” Isabella stepped forward. She had been at the side, watching, “Why didn’t you say earlier, you didn’t want to marry him?”

“Well, dad and mom gave me no choice”.

“You should have thought about having a choice before you chose to get pregnant. We won’t let you tarnish the name of our family like that. At least you should have spoken up long before you got married traditionally”,

“Don’t raise your voice at me, Isabella. I pray you never find yourself in my position, but if you do, I’ll be sure to remind you of your own words. Now if you will excuse me, I have a wedding to prepare for. And I still need my husband to come over, so we can clear some important issues that shallow minded people like you, wouldn’t understand”.

Silence followed as the ladies eyed each other.

“You’re almost a disgrace to our family, Grace. But then, you’re still my sister. So I’ll do my best to get your husband to come over,” she walked away.

The friends sighed, as they watched the still open door in disbelief. Jerry, Graces eldest brother and best confidant among the siblings, emerged at the door, smiling at her, “Even before you take a bath and dress like Cinderella, you’re still beautiful,” he said.

Faith smiled, “hi”, that was all she could say.

Jerry moved in and gave her a tight hug, “You know I’ve got your back baby sis”, he said, pecking her forehead, “it doesn’t matter what the others say, I’ve got your back”.

“Thanks, bros”, she hugged him back.

Grace looked away, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her brother had always been the one to stand for her. But her own sister was like her own enemy. She really wished she could hug him. But how does she explain why she, in Faith’s skin, was crying and hugging him. He’d simple ask Faith, what was wrong with her friend.

“Hey Faith”, Grace heard him call. She slowly turned to look at him. But she couldn’t explain why he looked like someone out to woo a woman, she felt his smile was too broad, and his eyes seemed to openly admire her, “thanks for being her good friend”, he patted her on the back. However, being overwhelmed with emotions, her cries increased. Jerry didn’t know what to make of it. “What’s wrong?” he looked from one lady to the other, wondering what he did wrong.

“I need your help brother. I need your help”, she clasped her hands around his waist in a tight hug.

Before Jerry could ask what was up, Faith moved to lock the door again, and Grace, still crying profusely, narrated their ordeal and everything that lead to it.

Jerry frowned when she was done talking. His expression was that of confusion as he looked from one to the other. “Body swap?” he managed to say.

“Yes”, Faith, already in tears, confirmed.

“If you don’t believe me, ask anything brother,’ Grace said, “ask me our most secret discussions, ask me about our childhood experiences. Anything. Just ask and I’ll tell you”.

Jerry sighed. His hands gradually moved around her shoulder and hugged her tightly. He didn’t need to ask her questions to prove anything; the girls’ mood was enough for him. Besides, he knew how his sister was when something bad happens to her.

“What sort of witchcraft caused this?” He asked, staring at the ceiling and looking really sad and confused “A lot of people have wished to be in another person’s shoes, body or life. Nothing of this sort happened. So why now? Why you? It is possible someone heard and decided to use it against you girls. Do you remember if anyone was around when you said those words?”

“No”, Faith answered, sniffing.

“Yes”, Grace countered, pulling back to look up at her brother, then at Faith, “I remember now, there was someone who heard us and even made us repeat what we said”.

Faith’s eyes grew wider as a realization hit her, “That’s true. That girl that you said is a blogger. And we were just playing, but, look at us now. What’s her name sef?”

“Bridget. That’s her name. She was introduced to me by a friend who said she couldn’t make my wedding and wanted this Bridget girl to fill in for her. I didn’t want to agree at first but after my friend gave me her blog link and I checked her online, I saw she’s really popular and then I felt it would be an honor to have her as my chief bride’s maid.”, Grace said, “She is supposed to be among the bridal train so she should be in the house somewhere”.

“You have a picture of her?” Jerry asked.

“Yes. I do”, Grace reached for her phone quickly and opened the blog. She searched for Bridget’s pictures and showed to Jerry.

“Yes. That’s her”, Faith said. She had moved closer to look at the picture.

“Ok. You ladies wait here. I’ll look around and if I find her, I’ll bring her in”. Jerry left. The ladies waited.

Fifteen minutes later, he returned. The ladies were going to ask if he was successful when Bridget walked in from behind him. She smiled, upon seeing the ladies and Jerry locked the door.

“Do you know why you’re here?” He asked as he thought it wise to be sure she was really responsible.

But everyone was even more surprised when she said, “yes”, then winked at both ladies.

“You idiot! You did this to us?” Grace was almost pouncing on her, if not for Jerry who held her back.

“I knew something was fishy when insisted I repeated my wish yesterday”, that was Faith, moving closer, “It was never because of a story you did to us what you did”.

“Before you girls decide to eat me up, will you be willing to listen to my explanation”.

“I’m not interested in your explanations. Undo what you’ve done!” Grace ordered.

Bridget’s brows raised, “Really? And you’re sure that is what you both want? Because my kind of magic, in fact, any magic, that has to do with body swapping must have something of truth to work with. My magic only worked, because you both really wished to be in each other’s shoes”.

“Bridget, or whatever your name is”, Jerry spoke, “As of this moment, you’re labeled a witch. And you know what happens to witches in our Nigerian setting.”

“Are you threatening to beat me up before setting me ablaze?” she raised a defiant chin to him.

“Yes. If you want this matter to go quietly so everyone can return to their normal life, undo what you’ve done. That’s all we’re asking”.

“Well, it’s not that simple”.

“Why?” Faith was becoming impatient.

“Because of you”, she eyed Faith.

“Me? Did I ask you for this?”

“I’m not just an ordinary writer”, Bridget said, ignoring Faith’s outburst, “I inherited certain gifts from my grandmother before she passed away. This gift gives me insight into people’s lives. And it is from their lives I write my stories. If someone tells me something that has to do with his or her life, it puts me in a position where I can look into the person’s life and see everything that happened or is happening, including whatever emotional pain they’re going through. It is with this I’m able to give my stories depth.

Another side to it is, if the person is feeling so much pain, I can help; but only if the person makes a genuine wish. Both of you made a genuine wish the day before, but I only wanted to write a story with your wishes until the evening when I was going home. It so happened that Faith entered the same bus I boarded. And she was not herself. She was in tears, and I had seen her earlier, having what seemed like an argument with your husband.

I thought she was jealous of you and wanted ways to snatch your husband. But her pains were real and I felt she was truly hurt for other reasons. After I got home, I revisited your wishes. And that was when I saw the problem. Grace married her best friend’s ex-fiancé. But the both of you were sad for different reasons. Grace was sad, because she doesn’t love Alex, and he doesn’t love her. But she needs the cash her father is offering, to complete school in the UK and set up a business afterward. But you really showed you would be glad to be in Faith’s shoes because she’s not stressed with wedding activities for a union that clearly has no love in it.

You, Faith, was sad because you felt your friend snatched your man. You had really looked forward to walking down the Aisle with Alex. But Grace is about to steal your moment. And you really wished, you could be her, to experience it”.

“We said our wishes”, Grace spoke, “and yes, I meant mine. I don’t know about Faith. But we never asked you to make them come true”.

“Look on the bright side, ladies. Faith, you’re going to marry your man. And you’re going to have his baby…”

“As  Grace. Not me”, Faith fired.

“Yes. But at least you will be with him. And you will bear his child. Now whatever inheritance you get from Grace’s parents, you will give Grace, so she can go back to the UK and start her studies all over. There’s no way she’s going to continue from where she stopped with a new identity. So there. Those are your choices. Ponder over them and let me know if you still, genuinely, want me to reverse this spell. Because once it is undone, it cannot be done all over again. You will both live with your pains. This is your best chance to start afresh. It wouldn’t be easy. But it will be worth the shot?” her brows shot up.

The ladies were quiet. Faith dropped heavily on the bed, wondering if her village people were trying to ruin her life. Seriously, haven’t they caused enough problems for her already?

“Grace, are you girls really considering this?” Jerry spoke when no one said anything, “wouldn’t it be better you get back in your bodies?”

“And marry a man that doesn’t love me?” Grace sighed in frustration, leaning hard against the wall.

“You don’t have to go on with the white wedding. We simply call it off and go for a divorce. You let him know he has to be with the person he loves”, Jerry reasoned, “He wouldn’t be able to force you. Not when I’m standing with you”.

“You don’t understand. He broke off with Faith because of me. He doesn’t want his child born out of wedlock”.

Jerry turned to Bridget, “Please, is there no way you can move the baby into Faith’s body instead?”

“There isn’t any other way. I can’t tamper with life, only the events it throws at us. What is happening now is a result of their first wish. They can’t make a second in this state”.

“You’re only closing all options because you want them to remain like this”, Jerry barked in frustration.

Bridget only raised a brow, “When you girls decide, please let me know, so I’ll know what step to take”, she made her way to the door, unbolted it, pulled open and walked out.

“What do we do now?” that was Jerry.

“I guess we’ll have to wait for Alex”, Faith spoke up, “We tell him the truth, let him decide what he wants”.

“Let him decide? He shouldn’t decide over your lives”, Jerry was pissed now, “This is the 21st century. Wake up! Don’t let someone else decide your fate”.



To Be Continued…

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