Every Nigerian Youth Must Read “The Gathering of the Tribes” By Evans Ufeli


If you’re looking for an engaging plot with realistic characters, mind-blowing themes and just the right amount of political tension, you will find all of it in Evans Ufeli’s “The Gathering of the Tribes”, a book which is definitely destined to become this year’s ‘must-have’ book.

Publishing under Winepress Publishing, Evans Ufeli is a Nigerian Lawyer, whose emerging voice has much to say about ‘Leadership in politics’. His novel, “The Gathering of the Tribes”, centers on Ike Ibe, a man who wouldn’t stop advocating for change on behalf of his community, Anieze, even in the face of danger.


Though the plot rings a familiar bell, thanks to the political issues currently going on in Nigeria, Evans Ufeli manages to offer a relatively fresh emphasis on giving the youths a voice in the country’s politics, in this 296-page work.

Evans provides enough nuance and surprising elements to keep even the most jaded reader engaged, beginning with Ike Ibe’s stand on wanting to unveil the secrets of the local government chairman and his second in command, on how the community’s fund has been mismanaged.

The author puts a fresh spin on the troupe of youths (younger generation to achieve the goal of being ‘not too young to Lead’. The author was also able to use mind-blowing themes such as loyalty, betrayal, patriotism etc, to captivate the mind of the reader.

The spirit of patriotism is demonstrated in the actions of other elderly patriots like Puze, Ossai Azuka, Abi Onyedi, Olise Nwandu and Dike Azuka, who fought tooth and nail to save the community from the hands of those who held it captive for so long.

Able-bodied youths such as Nze, Chijoke, Nduka and a host of others also joined in the fight for a better community, and despite their ugly encounters with the local government chairman, Chief Onyeonu Madu, and his cohorts, they still were not deterred from their struggles for a better Anieze.

The author and his characters make it clear that the idea about the community (county) needing an experienced person to deliver properly, is lame and untrue, stating that what is needed is a leader who is ready and willing to understand the people, the office of responsibility, and is able to deliver effectively.

While Evans Ufeli’s “The Gathering of the Tribes” is beautifully plotted, his characterization is much skillful and also exciting, as the actions and dialogues are not so easy to predict.

The only major challenge I had with this book was the characters’ names being a bit hard to remember sometimes, as a result of the cultural names being difficult to pronounce. Nevertheless, each character was artistically woven into the plot in such a way that helps the readers not get lost.

The author’s writing style and voice, keeps the novel smooth. I would say Evans has the voice of a motivational speaker. His spare economy of words left me reading even the simplest passages in delight. His use of imagery and figurative language are captivating, and the words simply flow off the page.

Evans Ufeli’s strong use of the ‘Igbo’ cultural heritage as both the settings and characterization of this book shows how passionate he is about the culture. In short, When you read “The Gathering of the Tribes” you will certainly find yourself in a familiar, but this time, exhilarating territory.


Finally, the author was able to address the issue of thuggery in politics, money as a tool to buy loyalty, disregard for basic human rights, the use of security operatives for selfish reasons by those in power, poor hospitals, roads and electricity, and many more.

So if you’re looking for a reassuring dose of the familiar with a dash of the new, Evan’s book should find its way into your bookshelf, bags, and e-readers. Like a friend of mine said: “The Gathering of the Tribes” provides its readers with enough convention to be informed and motivated for the right cause.

This book is definitely a must read for all, not only Nigerians but Africa as a whole and most especially, the African youths, as this will make us rise up with common goals and interest to strive for a better country and continent.

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