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Matilda has been working to plant her feet firmly in freelance editing and ghostwriting for three months. Her mentor, Aderibipe Thomas, a renowned author of two popular novels and a lifestyle blogger, has been putting her through the writing process via his 3 weeks Online Writing Course. It is one thing to know how to write and it is another thing to get the required skill in writing, he always told her.

Matilda has been writing for five years now, but she started professional writing about three months ago after she took Thomas’ 3 weeks writing class, because she finally felt fully confident in herself to start her writing career.

When Matilda first met with Aderibipe Thomas, she had told him about her interest in turning her writing to a professional career. Thomas signed her up in his writing class and started by teaching her the basic skills of writing, before moving on to freelancing and ghostwriting.

The course outline taught her copywriting and content marketing as well. Matilda took interest in editing and ghostwriting because she felt that it wouldn’t hinder her studies as she was a 300L sociology student at the University of Abuja.

Matilda learned about ghostwriting and what it entails. She got to know through Thomas that there are different ghostwriting services one can render and they include;

Article writing
Article re-writing
Proofreading and editing
Creative writing
Content marketing

Less than a week after the training, Matilda was able to write professional articles for Thomas’s blog and Thomas had even mentioned her on his Instagram account, announcing her as a skillful writer. Thomas also helped her open an account on some freelance sites like Vigowork and Fiverr. It wasn’t long afterward he began to recommend her services to people who needed her to write for them on their blogs, business proposals, and short stories as well.

Matilda was happy; almost a fulfilled writer as she began to some good money from her ghostwriting business. But then, she noticed something about ghostwriting that worried her. She never got credits for the works she did.

Some days, after she had read her articles on several blogs her sadness became more heart-wrenching. She’d save the links and show to her friend, stating that the articles were hers. But her friend never took her that seriously, as Maltida didn’t seem like the type to sit in one place for hours and come up with thoughtful and engaging content.

Matilda later got to understand through her mentor that in ghostwriting, you can’t go around telling someone that you wrote the book or that wonderfully thought piece. He made her understand that as a ghostwriter, she needs to write each article and book(s) given like they were her own. He stressed that she focuses on the income and once she submits the client’s work, she should emotionally detach herself from the work submitted.

Matilda decided to ignore her emotions as her mentor had advice, and focus on her ghostwriting career properly. It was around July 17th that she saw a vacancy for a full-time writer on Nairaland and decided to apply. It was then she met the client that almost made her regret being a ghostwriter.


To be continued…


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