It’s September – “We Need to Execute, Or We Die”.

Karo Oforofuo (Pelleura)

Towards the end of June when I decided to re-open my blog for business. It took me about two weeks to re-work on my blog and fashion out the kind of content that I wanted to be posted. I had to push harder because I had abandoned my blog business for over a year.

Well, my blog income for that month wasn’t much. Lol. Just a few thousands. It made me laugh because I understood where I was coming from.

Anyway, I re-strategized and launched out in the following month, August. More push, more content, more marketing. And all I can say is, August was way, way better than July, in terms of blog income, traffic, and reader response.

It wouldn’t have been possible without you. So I am saying, thanks for a wonderful August. I hope I was also able to give you something great in the previous month.

Happy New Month everyone. Welcome to September, my birth month. Yup, I’m a Virgo! *smiles*

I wish you a blessed new month. And I pray we all achieve our goals as they come.

In this month, Please don’t hold back, don’t fear anyone or anything, don’t let people or situations limit you, Move out! Kick down doors, strategize and launch out big time.

Talking to the OkadaBooks team about productivity, Ofili Okechukwu will always say “We Need to Execute, Or We Die”. And that is a complete sum up for any business type, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fiction blogger. Fashion blogger, music blogger, a course instructor, speaker, ghostwriter, or caterer, etc.

Strategizing is one thing. Executing is everything.

So over to you. How did the previous month go for you? Please share with us.

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2 thoughts on “It’s September – “We Need to Execute, Or We Die”.

  1. Happy new month to you too… Yes your blog did give me something. When I first came across your blog on Instagram my thoughts were this is an interestingly wierd Lady cos all your stories had twists that were fascinating… Then your skits. Keep up the good work and interestingly wierd stories.

    August hmmm… Let’s just say August did me well. But plans are in place to get the best of September, so help me God.

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