A Fight With The In-Laws – Sherry’s Story


Have you ever had a run-in with the In-Laws? Being an usher, waiter or waitress at an event in Nigeria, especially one not well coordinated, is usually not easy. If you’re not careful, because of food and drinks, world war 10 can burst out on top of your head. Lol.

In this day and time where weddings are the order of the day, you find ladies, especially, getting jealous of a friend that is getting married before them. I really can’t understand why this is common amongst ladies. But it seems to be.

They start to spread all kinds of side gossips and sometimes, even worse, they make moves to steal the attention of the groom to be. Lol. Talk about desperados.

It’s common advise among families and genuine friends, that a lady should not show her husband to be, to her friends, because anything can happen.

Well, that’s just one way to look at it. What about we look at it from another person’s view; Sherry’s own experience?

Sherry, average height, slim, light complexioned and a raving beauty, made her way to Linda’s home. Linda, one of her many casual friends, church member, and choir singer, was having her introduction to the love of her life.

Of course, Sherry was happy for her, despite being very aware that she was way past 32 and still had no boyfriend, let alone a fiancé or husband.

Unfortunately, because of pressure from family and friends, this found a way of worrying her, day in, day out, But on this very day of Linda’s introduction, she had to push away her pain and worry. She didn’t want to give room to anyone or even the bride to be, to think she was sad and won’t give assistance, because she was still single.

And so there she was, at Linda’s house, helping as much as she could to put things in place.

In the process, one of the in-laws to be walked in to ask for some extra bottles of wine for friends of his. He also asked for food.

Sherry, being meticulous about the sharing of food and drinks, had decided she wouldn’t be giving him anything else until the refreshment had gone round everyone present. If there will be leftovers, then he can have them.

And that, people, was her crime. This man raised his voice at her, saying all sorts of mean things. He threatened that if this was how he and his guests would be treated, he would drag his brother away and forget about the introduction, talk less of marriage.

Not caring who he thought he was, Sherry talked back rudely to him, telling him to keep his threat because after all, it wasn’t the bride to be or her family refusing him extra food. She made him understand that, if he wanted to threaten someone, he should threaten her directly. But anyway, things went out of hand and not long afterward, a small crowd had gathered as this guy was on the verge of beating the shit out of her.

The groom to be tried to pacify his brother, while Linda’s mother and some other relatives pulled Sherry away from the commotion, leading her upstairs to one of the rooms.

They asked to hear her side of the story. And she explained. It was in the process of explaining that Linda walked in, not even caring what Sherry was saying, she threw her attack.

“What do you think you just did? You want to drive away my in-laws?”

“I’m not driving anybody away. That guy was simply unreasonable and rude.”

“That guy is my brother-in-law to be and from what I see, you’re hell-bent on spoiling my introduction. Please don’t use your bad luck to spoil my good luck. Look at me very well, as things stand, you can never get married before me if that is your plan. Even if my marriage is postponed till next year, you still wouldn’t be able to get married before me. That’s just the plain reality. So if you like, keep deceiving yourself that you can send my suitors away”.

Sherry was temporarily dumbfounded. She frowned. And when she finally found her tongue, she spoke, “what’s the meaning of all the nonsense you just spewed? How in the entire world can you even think or say the kind of rubbish you just said?”

“Is it a lie? You cannot get married before me, Sherry. Your bad luck will not allow you to. Stop harassing my in-laws?”

Sherry, not taking the insults lightly threw a slap that met the air, as Linda was quick to pull away. Insults followed from both sides, as other well-wishers decided to step in. The atmosphere was already too tense.

While some of those present supported Linda’s careless talk, others lashed at her for being insensitive and less appreciative of Sherry’s efforts. It wasn’t long afterward that Sherry picked up her bag and left. She was no longer going to be part of the introduction.

That day was a sad day for her, as she had not expected Linda to utter those words. She decided she’d just steer clear from Linda and mind her own business while praying to one day, have her own dream spouse. She later heard from others who were at the event, that the introduction was a success.

5 months later, Sherry’s friend, one of the young pastors in her church whom she secretly admired and hoped to be more than friends with, thought he would like them to really be more than just friends. She was overjoyed. She agreed. And on the 8th month, he was on his knees, proposing marriage.

Sherry was excited, especially as she was going to be getting married to a friend, not just anybody.

The announcement for their engagement was soon made in church and everyone was left agape. Those who had eyes for the handsome pastor and where making moves to shoot their shot, had to backpedal. Those who were still thinking about how to approach Sherry also thought it was better to just mind their business. As long as they were concerned, she was taken already.

One Sunday afternoon just after service, Sherry was making her way home when one of her friends from church caught up with her and instantly started a conversation with,

“Have you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“About Linda, you didn’t hear?”

“See, as long as its Linda’s matter, I’m not interested.”

“I know you two don’t see eye to eye anymore. But see ehn, it looks like she really used her own mouth to cast herself.”

“How?” Sherry was curious now.

“Well, I heard she has a problem with her fiancé and his family. I really don’t have the details but as things stand. Her marriage has been put on hold. They canceled the date that was fixed and there’s really no date yet. You should be celebrating?”

“Celebrating what, actually?” Sherry looked perplexed.

“Ah, ah! After running her mouth, her wedding is on hold, while you’re already planning towards your own. Isn’t that something to celebrate?”

“Yes”, Sherry sighed, “I will celebrate that I’m getting married to a friend. But I wouldn’t celebrate that someone else isn’t getting married.  She laughed at me, and see what happened to her. If I laugh back at her, then it will happen to me too.”

“Anyway, that’s your own o!” her friend said, throwing all caution to the wind, “If I ever come across her, I will laugh hard in her face! So she knows how painful it is. Never in her life will she try that rubbish again.”

By the following year, Sherry got married to her husband.  Towards the end of that year, she took in. The following year, September, she put to bed a bouncing baby boy. But in all of this, Linda was yet to get married. And whenever she came across Sherry, she’d put her head down and walk away. Shame wouldn’t let her look up. And I’m sure, she’d never be rude or talk nasty with anyone ever again.

Moral of the story

  1. Your time for achievement is different from the other person’s. Be patient. It will come.
  2. Do not rub your success in another person’s face.
  3. Don’t ever assume you are way on top, and that those under cannot get to your level and leave you behind.
  4. Everyone has an equal standing in life. Respect them.
  5. When you laugh at other people, God has a way of making them excel more, just to teach you a lesson.

PS: The events in this story didn’t happen exactly as narrated here. But it is a real-life story.

So, over to you, have you ever experiences something like this, maybe at work, school or your neighborhood? Please share with us. We want to learn from your experience.


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