Can a Blogger Marry a Blogger?


As a blogger and writer, my daily routine is to post entertaining and life-changing stories and business ideas on my blog, so as to keep up with the monthly targeted traffic, that helps with the sales of my products and services. I also take on ghostwriting jobs, editing, allow sponsored posts, do books, products, and services reviews, write brand stories and offer publishing services.

Yes, I work from home, or anywhere I find myself. As long as there is good internet and I have either my phone, tab, or laptop with me.

Most people see me as one who is free from ‘coat & tie,’ that is, free from the daily cat race to and from the office, or walking on eggshell because the boss is someone who easily gets angry.

What they do not know though, is that blogging or any kind of work from home business/job is more time-consuming than the regular 9 to 5. If employees work 8 or 9 to 5, a blogger works day in day out, even while you’re asleep. They are constantly trying to keep up with the ever-running internet trends and activities. And as a business owner, even if you have hired a hand, you’re always on your feet, keeping track of things because we all know, some employees, if left unsupervised can really mess things up.

So while the good part is that you can give yourself a break, without anyone’s permission, as long as you work from home, you find yourself grinding away, endlessly, with little or no rest. You wouldn’t even have so much time to yourself, let alone other people or events unless you schedule your time.

So I already know how tedious and time-consuming blogging can be, before I met my husband, Steve.

I met Steve during one of my trips to the Bahamas in August 2014. What attracted me to him was his contagious enthusiasm for nature, his ability to strike interesting conversations, as well as his good looks.

We clicked instantly and became travel friends. It was when we met again in Canada the following year, I discovered he was a successful Travel Blogger and has toured almost all the countries of the world. Mehn, who wouldn’t love to be with a traveler?

We picked up our friendship again, and this time, we were more serious, even though Steve was quite adamant about making it work at first. By December 2018, we got married.

After Steve and I got married, we spent almost two months on honeymoon. We went first to Paris and ended up in Zanzibar. We enjoyed the first thirty days together, but halfway into the second month, we drifted back to our blogging business. And because Steve was a travel blogger, he spent more time touring around Zanzibar alone.

I didn’t mind, as I was also very busy creating content for my upcoming courses, articles, and stories for my own blog and clients. Before we realized what we were doing, three months had passed, and we had drifted further apart. Quarrels easily came up because we had little communication and really did not understand, or have time for each other.

Our quarreling worsened, and by the 6th month, we were talking divorce. He wanted out. I wanted out too. Things were just not working.

It was a our parents that sat us down and gave us some serious lecture about commitment and marriage. It was they who insisted we would work on our differences instead of a divorce. And it was they who introduced us to a marriage counselor.

Each counselling session was an eye opener; making us realize how selfish we had been to each other.

Through more counselling sessions and research, we got to understand how to cope as bloggers and still attend to our needs. Below are some of the basic things that helped our marriage:

1.  Set our priorities right. You may say that money is essential for living. Of course, it is. But at a point in our lives, I realized that Steve should be my number one priority and then blogging my second priority. And vice versa.

Now having my relationship with Steve as number one priority doesn’t affect my blogging business negatively. Instead, Steve has shown his support by making inputs that grew the blog.

2. Communicate: After setting my priorities, Steve and I engaged in a long and understanding discussion. And that discussion sure helped in pulling back the marriage on the right.

3. Create interest in your partner’s line of work. There were times I helped Steve with writing his Travel journals on his blog. We even created a series on his blog called ‘couples travel journal’. There were times he also helped with mine. In fact, blogging became more interesting than it was for me when I was not married. We constantly share new ideas and new interests too.

Create an ‘alone time’ for yourselves.: Yes! We went on vacations together. Real vacations, without the interference of ‘blogging’. Sometimes, we can just spend six hours in the pool behind the house or we could go for our normal evening sports; Steve plays basketball while I played Badminton.

Now we have a baby boy, and we help each other out with the baby, when we need to work.

We made sure to also spend ‘alone time’ with our child as well. I can comfortably say that my family made blogging for both me and my husband spicier, and my husband made it much more comfortable to do.

So back to the questions. Can a blogger marry a blogger? Yes.  They can, as long as they’re willing to work on their differences.


PS: The Story Above is fiction 😁


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