Nigeria’s Highest Paid Sex Therapist – Our Woman Crush Today


If you need a sex Therapist to help spice up your sex life with your spouse, and you’ve not heard about JAARUMA EMPIRE, then you really need to hit Google Search.

Some of the top search results might not hold your attention, as you may find yourself asking, who is this person sef? Is she a slut? Lol

No. She’s not. She’s a Sex Therapist, and according to news reports, Nigeria’s Highest Paid Sex Therapist.

She charges N100,000 for phone consultation, and N200,000 for face to face consultation, and N500,000 for home service. And these consultations are STRICTLY for women

TherapistThe first time I came across her on Instagram, I wondered, “Who is this again?”

But funny enough, Instagram must have done retargeting on me, because Every once in a while I get to see posts about her from other handles. And sometimes when I hit the search, she comes up a lot.

I had to really take my time to study her page, so as to know what all the fuzz is about. Yeah. I may not really understand her products, but she sells good sex, and she sells like mad!

It was not hard to fall in love with her page though. Her engagement tactics and her use of videos, a lot of it, is awesome!

She has, through thick and thin, developed a product that works, built her following, keeps them well engaged, and sells like crazy. No, she doesn’t just sell to you. She cares about you.

Her real name is Hauwa Saidu Mohammed. And she is my Woman Crush this Wednesday for so many awesome reasons.

She was born on the 26th of October 1993 and hails from Billiri local government area of Gombe state. She attended New Capital nursery and primary school in Asokoro, Abuja and Nigeria International College Wuse 2, Abuja. In 2007, she was admitted into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but left after three years to study International Relations and Human Therapy at Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey.

Truly, I love her, I love her style. I love the fact that she gives awesome advice on her page. I love her natural and makeup looks. Most importantly, I love the way she gets personal on her page. Jaaruma is not just a business; it is a personal brand that is making waves.

If you ever think about building a business online, or a personal brand, you will learn a lot from this lady. She doesn’t have up to 200k followers on Instagram, but she has a lot of influencers on her page. You can check her out, here.

If you’re one of those who has been following her, please share your thoughts here. What do you think about her?


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