I Connect Businesses to People Who Need Their Services – Interview With Oluwatosin Ajayi


Oluwatosin Ade-Ajayi, is a faith-filled writer with the pseudonym “Tourpaline”. Oluwatosin has a B.Tech degree in Project Management Technology. She is also a certified Digital Marketer from the Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland. She has several years of experience in the E-commerce and publishing industry and currently works as a marketer at a multinational firm.

Being the C.E.O of Peridot Fashion, Oluwatosin is a lover of fashion and creativity. She believes what is worth doing, is worth doing well.

OluwatosinSo we caught up with Tosin, and below is the interview.

Pelleura:  It nice to have this chat with you.

Tosin: Thank you, Karo. I’m equally glad to have this chat.


Pelleura: Please can you share details of your background with us?

Tosin: I’m from a loving family of six. My parents and three other siblings. I’m the first child. Don’t really know how to classify the kind of spoon I was born with. Lol! But I’ll say I had my rosy moments and not so rosy moments growing up. Everything made me who I am today and I’m thankful to God.


Pelleura: What were your dreams like when you were in school?

Tosin: I dreamt of having a paid job, running my businesses and having chains of stores in my supermart. Build estates, make money from them and use the profit to build a low-cost housing estate for the underprivileged. I also dreamt of sponsoring children who have challenges with their school fees.


Pelleura: Are you full time into business? Or do you have a daytime job?

Tosin: I have a full-time job, and at the same time run my business.


Pelleura: Please tell us what your business is about.

Tosin: I run a Social Media Management business called Tourpaline. We manage social media accounts for businesses/organizations, including churches. We help them create brand awareness, as well as connect with their target audience. We are into Graphics design, web design, SEO, content development, paid promotions, and all it takes to have a good digital presence.

I also have a fashion business called Peridot Fashion, where I sell women and men’s clothing, shoes, suits, accessories, Ankara wears and throw pillows.


Pelleura: What inspired you to start this business?

Tosin:  I started Tourpaline because I like connecting businesses to people who have a need for their services, and vice versa. This way, both parties’ needs are met in a seamless manner. Basically, I wanted to provide solutions through social media.

My love for fashion and to promote made in Nigeria products inspired me to start Peridot Fashion.


Pelleura:  What are the obstacles you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

Tosin: Key obstacles for me were Capital and Sales. It’s still a work in progress, but for Capital, I take out of my salary to fund my business. Also, as much as possible, I purchase based on paid orders.

For Sales: I promote on social media, ask for referrals, I buy and wear the things I sell. I am my best advertiser.


Pelleura: Nice! In a country like ours, do you think the government has put in place structures that help small business survive?

Tosin: Yes and No.


Pelleura: So presently, what are those achievements you’ve made in your business and what future goals are you aiming for?

Tosin: In my fashion business ‘Peridot Fashion’, I’ve been able to launch my clothing line, the first collections were ‘Boss Lady’. On the other hand, Tourpaline has managed social media platforms for a couple of businesses, and created short-term employment for people, while handling these projects.

Future Goals: I intend managing the social media accounts of even more businesses, to help them achieve their goals. For my Fashion outfit, I intend launching at least two collections yearly and infiltrating the market with my design. The most exciting part of this for me is that I would have set up an academy that will groom and nurture Nigerian talents.

These network of talents will sow the Peridot designs, get paid for it (employment), and about 80% of the Nigerian market will be filled with made in Nigeria outfits. These collections will be extended to other African countries and beyond, and will on the long run grow the Naira.


Pelleura: How have you used social media to your advantage?

Tosin: I basically use social media to create awareness, connect with prospective clients, and for inspiration.


Pelleura: What’s the most important social media activity you engage in daily, to grow your business?

Tosin: Publicizing my products and Social Media Listening. I watch trends, observe what people like and why they like it. Observe what others in my line of business are doing. I also listen to what those who compliment my business do. For example, Beauty and photography compliment my fashion business. So Basically, it keeps me informed.


Pelleura: Do you have your own online platform?

Tosin: Yes, I do tourpaline.com and, Instagram @tourpaline@PeridotFashion


Pelleura: If you were to do it all over again, would you choose to start and grow a business, or would you rather stick to paid employment?

Tosin: I’ll stick with both as I am currently doing. Have a paid job, as well as run my business.


Pelleura: What advice do you have for other small business owners?

Tosin: Never give up, keep improving on yourself and your business.


Thanks so much for the chat, Oluwatosin.  You guys have read it. You can connect with Tosin via the links below:


Blog: tourpaline.com

Instagram: @tourpaline@PeridotFashion


PS: Do have a lovely week ahead! Cheers

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