Throwback Thursday – Which of These Books Did You Enjoy As a Child?


It’s Throwback Thursday, and I’m very sure I wouldn’t be able to count the books/stories I read while growing up. Anything story caught my attention and so even if it was a magazine or newspaper story, I’d read it. For books, It was the same, until I came across a book that scared the shit out of me. It was a book promoting occult practices and how the devil impregnated a girl born into a Christian family, because he wanted to bring to the world his own son, and she was the only one who could birth him.

I was just a teenager. And for days, I was super scared of dark places and red lights. NEPA did not help matters; taking the light as they pleased. So nights were the worst.

And then there was another book about sexual practices that till date, I do not understand. But it left me feeling weird and regretting even looking at it. I threw that book outside and set fire on it. Lol.

But there were a few other books I took from my mom’s Aunties’ and Uncles’ collectionS. They had no covers but made an awesome read.

Anyway, these ones below are unforgettable. They made reading fun and without foreign influences.


Eze Goes to School



The God’s Are Not To Blame



The Passport of Mallam Ilia

I still have a copy of this book with me, still looking new. Lol. Maybe it is because it is one of my best books till tomorrow. I took my time one day, just after NYSC, and wrote out the script version of this book. Hehehehe…



Sugar Girl

I must admit I really don’t remember this story anymore. But I remember having a copy, and I remember reading it several times, Both in class and at home.



The Bottled Leopard



The Lion and The Jewel




Chike and The River



Things Fall Apart

I didn’t read this book until 2016. Lol. Don’t laugh at me, please. I only watched the NTA drama series acted by Pete Edochie, back in the days.  After reading this book, I beat myself up for not reading it earlier. It’s a fantastic read.


Without a Silver Spoon


A few other books, local and foreign, not pictured in this throwback are:

  • An African Night’s Entertainment. This book gave me the same thrill as ‘The Passport of Mallam Ilia’. Maybe it is because they are by the same authors.
  • Treasure Island. Yup! This one is foreign, but I loved it. I read it several times
  • Oliver Twist. I watched the movie first before I got interested in reading the book. Lol.
  • The Gods are not to blame
  • My Father’s Car. My immediate elder brother always laughed at the car situation whenever he read this. lol.
  • Macmillan English reader had a lot of cool stories though, with Simbi and Ali


These are just the ones I remember for now. And my best till date remains Cyprian Ekwensi’s ‘The Passport of Mallam Ilia’, and ‘An African Night’s Entertainment’. What about you? Which of them were/are still your favorite? If it’s not listed here, please mention it. Let’s keep this throwback going! Cheers!

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