Neocell Super Collagen -How Rodah Got Her Groove Back


I had never heard of Collagen depletion in my life, but I started to experience the effects when I was 44. At 45 when my husband started bringing home different women. If he brings a fair lady today, he would bring a dark one the next day; maybe a multi-colored one the day after.

This continued for 5 months; or was it 6, before I got tired of challenging him. For every challenge, I threw, he’d reply telling me my face and entire body scares the shit out him. He said at my age I already looked like and behaved like an old woman.

I felt terrible. I had noticed my aging appearance and lack of strength. My joints were wobbly, my bones fragile, and sometimes painful. All these prevented me from engaging in rigorous activities, including sex. I was also experiencing hair loss and skin dehydration. My nails were weaker and a few of them seem to be turning brown; like they were decaying.

So I knew my husband was right about the aging issue. But his behavior was not what I had expected. I had thought he would care for me and help me find the cause of what was happening to me.

My visit to different hospitals was almost in vain. Some couldn’t understand what I was experiencing. Others said my cells were wearing out due to Collagen depletion in my body, and that I needed some medications to help bring them back to life. The prescribed medications and some enhancement supplements worked a bit of magic. I would say they are the reason why I hadn’t aged more than that.

My husband didn’t care what was happening to me. He didn’t care that I was visiting hospitals or taking medications.

What broke my heart the most was the fact that, he would bring the young ladies into his own room and during their sexcapade, I’ll be forced to listen to their cries of pleasure. I was totally heartbroken. All my children school abroad, but each time they come home I’m relieved because my husband wouldn’t have the effrontery to bring his bed warmers.

In their absence though, I watched my home crumble. And it kept crumbling for two years. My heart crumbled with it. His behavior and bitter words killed my self-esteem. I thought and hoped that when I turn 47, my husband would stop his monstrous act. Well, I turned 47 a few days ago,  and my husband has not stopped.

Our sex life had been zero for two years. Well, he didn’t seem to care, since he was getting it somewhere. As for me, I had completely stopped being sexually active. It wasn’t hard to stop. Circumstances made it so.

There was a day I walked to the kitchen and made myself lunch despite my wobbly joints. I had just finished eating and then decided to have an afternoon nap. Getting to my room, I was greeted with the shock of my life. My husband was having a go with another lady in my own bed; in my room. I stood there, transfixed. The lady he was with grabbed what she could of her clothes and ran off as soon as she sighted me. While he, my husband, stood there unashamed.

It was that day I resolved to find a lasting solution to the wrinkles on my face, my arms and a relief for my bones and joints. I also needed something for my hair loss issues. 

I went to another hospital and started with a Dermatologist who prescribed some drugs for my face and arms. I was then assigned to a bone specialist who prescribed drugs worth a hundred thousand naira for the pains in my joints. I bought all of them.

However, instead of curing my problems, it aggravated the pains in my joints which resulted in slight swellings. As for the wrinkles, they cleared, only a bit. 

I got tired and resolved to take Local herbal products from herb makers. But it yielded nothing positive. I was distraught and then I stopped getting bothered by the wrinkles, joint pains, and my husband’s shameless act. But I became very unhappy until I went to a women’s conference health meeting at my church and one of the speakers, Mrs. Jideze, talked about her own experience, which was not too different from mine, only that her husband was supportive.

She went on to explain how she tried different products while praying for healing. And then one day, she was introduced to Neocell Super Collagen. Read her words:

“A few years back, I use to experience joint pains and sometimes swollen ankles and all of that. When I started having terrible wrinkles on my face, arms, neck and other parts of my body, including broken nails and scanty hair, I thought that it was as a result of ‘ageing,’ until I met a friend of mine in Port-Harcourt who introduced me to Neocell Super Collagen.

Initially, I thought I would just spend my money in vain but I noticed that after two weeks of taking this Collagen supplement, the wrinkles gradually disappeared, the joint pains and swelling stopped. My hair started improving; and as you can see, it is no longer scanty. I was, again, able to do the things I thought I wouldn’t do anymore.” She concluded.

Her story touched me because I was going through same, and more. But I wasn’t interested in buying another product because of my bad experiences with the numerous ones the doctors claimed would help me.

I told myself after the program, I would walk up to her to ask personal questions. I really wanted to be sure she was being truthful about the product. Oh well, like she was reading my thought. She chose that moment to reveal her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on the large projector screens. Wow! I was speechless. That alone captured my interest. I was already saying to myself I would give it a try when her next question made women in the congregation almost go gaga with excitement. She asked:

“My fellow women, if I tell you I’m 72 years old would you believe?” 

I gasped. She was way older than me but I was the one not agile, with my joints giving me a hell of a problem and my skin getting more wrinkled by the day.

I was elated after the meeting ended. I felt motivated to buy the product from her. She told us that she got it in bulk from Jumia online store and it was worth #11,600 per bottle. She wasn’t looking to make interest in sales. She only wanted to make her money back. I quickly bought the product from her and made my way home. First thing I did was to clear out all the other medications I had bought before.

After using the product for a month, I noticed that I could easily stand up without holding things and the joint pains reduced a lot. I was happy. The wrinkles were beginning to smoothen out, and my hair wasn’t pulling out so much as it used to. Joy and sunlight returned to my world. I could laugh again. My joy knew no bounds.

Three months in, and I was almost as good as new. I am very active and my nails are no longer decaying.

One cool evening, I was sitting in the living room when my husband came to me, on his knees. He kept on pleading about his unfaithfulness and how he has stopped his womanizing act. However, what he said next brought a smile to my lips, even though I had noticed it myself. He acknowledged that my wrinkles had totally gone and that I looked fresh and young again. He told me how my formerly wrinkled face turned him off and that any time I complained about my wobbly joints, he would think that I was already aging faster than he was. He was scared and that was why he did what he did; to stay young.

Even though I forgave my husband and how he maltreated me, crumbling our marriage in the process, our lives never returned to normal, as a result of the scar he had imprinted in my heart. It remained painful and unforgettable.

It’s been a year now, and I still order for Neocell Super Collagen products. Being a health supplement, it has no side effects and I can take it for as long as I want to. 

The supplement contains 6,000 mg collagen type 1 & 3. It promotes radiant skin, it makes the hair thicker, it builds up the bones, nails, skin, and removes all issues with the weak joints.

Collagen is made to replenish worn out tissues in the body; maintaining strength and helping flexibility.

I bought one for my mother too, as she was always complaining of painful joints, and swellings.

In truth, I couldn’t be more grateful to Neocell Super Collagen. It boosted my lost self-esteem and I became more excited to wake up and start each new day. 


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Have you used Neocell Super Collagen. before? What was your experience like? Please share with us.

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