Dumped, When He Was About Proposing Marriage – Danny’s Story


“You’re just 33 Danny, but you look way older. I’m sorry to say, but have you ever wondered why I’ve never introduced you to my friends or family? Well, because you look old! You’ve got wrinkles all over your face and your dark skin looks so dull and dirty. I don’t want my friends laughing at me, or my family asking if I lost some nuts.

Look, Danny, you’re a nice guy. But I’m sorry I can’t continue with this relationship, anymore. Just try to forget about me.”

I read that WhatsApp message over and over in a space of thirty minutes until I started to sweat despite the air-conditioning in my office. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my one year and six months old girlfriend, whom I loved dearly, had just dumped me because of my looks.

I’m I that ugly? I asked myself for the tenth time under 5 minutes.

I met my ex at the beach. She had worn a bikini that day despite being in her monthly period.

Although she refused to go swimming, she was dancing and having fun with her friends when the pad slipped out and fell. It was an embarrassing situation for her, as the guys there, even other ladies, surrounded her, mocking and throwing insults at her for wearing a bikini at the beach with her period on.

I was the only one who stood for her, along with her friends. I warded the guys off, claiming she was my girlfriend and they had no right to mock her.

I took her away from the spot, to a safer one, and tried to console her. Her friends were grateful. She was also grateful. But I couldn’t let the day end without asking for her number.

In the days that followed, I called her, every day. She responded well until I asked for a relationship. She turned it down at first, but after much pressure, she agreed, on the condition that her friend would never know we were dating.

I asked to know why she never told me. And so I let it go.

This is what now? A year and six months? And I’m just finally understanding why.

Her friends must have said terrible things about me she didn’t like. And she must have joined them too, maybe even spearheading the hate, and so she’d rather not be caught with me.

I was sad and deflated that I had to tell the hospital porter not to bring me more patient files. Yes, I am a Dentist; a very successful one at that.

I immediately packed my books in my bag, walked out of the office, and drove off absentmindedly. I had totally lost the motivation to finish my work for the day. This was the third time I was being dumped by ladies. And it wasn’t as if I didn’t give them enough love, care, attention, money, just name it! Yet, they still leave me.

The last two didn’t tell me why they left. At least this one had been bold enough to let me know why I was being dumped.

I almost hit the gate of my house with my car as I drove in roughly. The first thing I did was to cancel the reservation for that night’s dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I had planned on proposing marriage to her that night, but instead, she dumped me.

I laughed out loud and I knew I sounded like a mad-man, but I wasn’t perturbed at all. I got into my apartment, fished out some very strong alcoholic drinks from my fridge and drowned myself in it.

When I finally managed to make it to my bedroom, my eyes caught sight of the small black box. I staggered closer and picked up the case of the diamond ring I had bought when I traveled to Manchester a few months back. I bought it for her.

As the thoughts came flooding back, I laughed again, slapping myself and crying at the same time. I screamed at myself as I stared at my reflection in the mirror hanging in front of me.

“You are pathetic! You are ugly! No one wants you because of your wrinkled face like a fifty-year-old man. No woman wants you because of your cracking fingers! I hate you, Danny! I hate the pain to give me”.

I kept screaming until tears streamed down my cheeks. That night, I drank alcohol and bathed in my tears, as I kept dreaming of my ex-girlfriend mocking me.

Few weeks after that heart-wrenching experience, I went to the market for shopping, since my kitchen was almost empty. I bumped into my ex-girlfriend. She was shocked at first, and I was almost going to ask her what really went wrong and for her to give me another chance to work on myself when she suddenly got wrapped in another man’s arms. He then whisked her away.

What finally shattered my already broken heart was the fact that the man that had whisked her away, happened to be my friend and colleague at work. And that had left me devastated for some days.

Philip, my best friend, offered to help with my skin issues and cracking fingers. Following his prescriptions, I used almost all kinds of drugs. At a point, I had to tell my mother to send some concoctions that should have helped clear my skin problems, but they didn’t work.

I finally got tired and gave in to my fate. I stopped trying to find a lasting solution to my problems.

A few days later, Ujiro, our family friend, dropped by my house. She was to stay at my house since she just got a job as a lab scientist at the hospital where I work.

Gradually, she got to know about my predicament and she had offered to help. She ordered a product called Dermis Vitamins Hyarulonic Acid. It is a Skin Tightening Anti-aging Vegetarian tablet. The product is worth N5,920 but I told her she shouldn’t have bothered because I wouldn’t take it.

She had told me that the product would help in reviving my skin and give it a young look. She also explained the product has Demis vitamins which provide the skin with deep and gentle nourishment in just a few weeks.

I was not excited at all to try this product. I was done with swallowing tablets. It took almost a week for Ujiro to convince me otherwise.

So I started using the product in the first week of August and by the third week; I was already seeing exciting changes on my skin. The wrinkles on my face had drastically reduced and my cracked fingers were looking better.

By the end of the month, I was more than elated because more ladies surprisingly flirted with me and that used to be very rare before I started using the anti-aging product.

I decided to thank Ujiro by taking her for dinner at the Chinese restaurant that I had made reservations in months back.

While waiting for our order my eyes caught a familiar figure sitting a few seats away from me. I recognized her immediately as the brutal ex who had left me a heart-wrenching break-up message that left me depressed for months.

She was with another man this time, not my colleague, and she didn’t hide her shock when she saw me. From her table, she said;

“Oh my God! Danny! You look good. What have you been using”

I don’t even remember how I answered her question. But I felt proud of myself and more grateful to Ujiro. And I didn’t waste time any longer as I quickly asked her to be my girlfriend, right there and then, in front of my ex.


I remember the sad and regretful look on my ex’s face that evening. And after Ujiro and I had returned home, I got a message from her saying how sorry she was. But I was too happy to care about that. I was happy that the product had helped me in having a more beautiful skin and a beautiful girlfriend to come home to.

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