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Chemotherapy isn’t as easy as the word sounds. But you never know until you have a loved one going through it.
Jude and I, We dated for seven years; passed through a lot of trials and temptations we were able to scale through. And so we decided to seal our union. July 26th, 2017, was the day I got married to the love of my life. And even though we were both wealthy, we decided to spend our honeymoon in Calabar.

October 15th, 2017, was the day my life officially started falling apart. My husband was diagnosed with Lung cancer. I still remember how I reacted to the news that day. I fainted in the hospital and that was when the doctor told us, after some tests, that I was 6 weeks pregnant.

I cried for days, waiting on God to take away the cancer diagnosis from my husband. But it was as if God wasn’t listening to me. I resigned to fate and my husband continued to live as nothing happened.

I was in my second trimester when I was called at work that my husband slumped in the office, during their board meeting. I drove down like a crazy woman who has just left Asylum that day.

I didn’t lose my life as a result of my blind driving that day, but I lost my four months of pregnancy. The doctor said it was due to my stress and panic. My body is fragile and didn’t need all of that during pregnancy.

The good news though, with the help of some of the staff members, I was able to rush my husband to the hospital.

The advised that my husband start chemotherapy as soon as possible. It took almost a month for us, myself and his family, to convince him to start. He was adamant, slightly angered and irritated with little things. He started to keep to himself; spending hours browsing the Internet about cancer patients, cancer remedy, chemo drugs, and so on.

We entered the new year, 2018, with my husband starting his Chemo treatment in the United States. It was difficult for him at first. He would be hit by nausea and he would throw up for minutes and come back looking pale and weak.

He didn’t want his hair shaved, but it had to be when they started falling off, and it was the first time I saw my husband cry since the whole cancer issue hit us.

The entire experience took a huge toll on me, as I had to shuffle between the U.S and Nigeria, almost every month. I even had to resign at my place of work so as to help run my husband’s oil business, fully.

It was during one of my visits to Nigeria, my mother-in-law and brother in law, in the guise of coming to pay me a visit, made an attempt to seize my international passport. Thank God for my smart move. It would have been a different story.

Both of them called me terrible names, saying I was the witch who has purposely made their son and brother sick and also killed my unborn child, so I could take over the company. I was even barred from entering our home in VI, and my husband’s company.

It was tough, but I shook off their threats, and made my way back to the U.S, staying by my husband’s side, praying for him and cheering him up.

When he got frustrated with chemo, he asked me to tell the doctor that he wanted to go home. He was tired already, the drugs seem to be making him feel worse, and I couldn’t really blame him.
After a little more attempt at Chemotherapy, we left the hospital to stay in a rented flat, still in the U.S. It was around this time I got a call from my childhood friend who happened to be a pharmacist.

She had gotten my contact from my sister. Having exchanged pleasantries, she asked of my husband’s health. My sister had told her about our challenges, and so I told her what I was going through.

She was surprised that we had indeed gone through a lot. She then mentioned that her father-in-law also suffered from Lung cancer and explained how he regained his health again.

“Really? Was that easy for him?” I had to ask, to be sure I heard her right.

She replied that, at a point, it wasn’t easy, until someone introduced a very effective mushroom capsule that helped make her father-in-law’s chemotherapy easier and then he eventually turned out better.

I couldn’t lose this opportunity. So I asked her the name of the Chaga mushroom extract capsule. I had to get it for my husband as well. She didn’t remember, but she promised to get back to me.

Unfortunately, while I waited for her feedback, my husband had to go back to the hospital to continue with his chemo sessions and it really wasn’t easy for him.

Some days, he would look on. Lost. Like he was not in this world anymore. I almost gave up on him as I got frustrated with myself and God. I would go to the apartment we rented and lock myself in, crying out my eyes and hitting myself until I fall asleep. But I didn’t give up on him, I struggled to keep my faith strong.

Eventually, about a week later, my friend called back and apologized for taking a long time to call back. She told me that the name of the capsule is, ‘MycoBotanicals Myconutri Chaga Science-Based Mushroom Capsules’ and that I could simply order it from Jumia online store at the price of #6,250. She also explained to me the daily dosage.

Around June 2018, my husband started taking the mushroom capsule, and even I was able to see that, just within two weeks, the supplement had helped in giving him the energy to complete his chemo and curtail some of the symptoms he had been experiencing.

By August, he finally completed his Chemotherapy and we came back home. His doctor in Nigeria was happy to announce the cancer cells were nowhere to be found.

He was free. But was advised regular checkup will still be needed. Just to be sure.

However, my husband didn’t stop taking the Chaga mushroom extract capsule, as his health improved.

His family became ashamed when they saw how healthy he looked and they apologized to me, and him, for their misbehavior.

I didn’t take that apology to heart. Of they could treat me badly before, they can do it again.

Now having my peace of mind back, I decided to start advertising this Chaga mushroom extract capsule to doctors and cancer patients. I have to create awareness for this, as a lot of cancer patients going through Chemotherapy, really need it. I will never be able to thank the manufacturers enough.


Do you know anyone suffering from cancer, or already undergoing Chemotherapy? Please share this post with him/her. Let’s create awareness. People shouldn’t suffer unnecessarily where there are solutions

PS: This story is fiction mixed with a few real-life experiences. It was written strictly to create awareness of this supplement for cancer patients going through Chemotherapy. Please help create that awareness, and reduce the suffering these patients go through. Thank you.


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