Let’s Talk About ‘How To Find Your Soulmate In 24 Hours!’


You’ve heard the word, Soulmate, and you wonder if it really exists. You’re tired of being heartbroken. You’re afraid of being in a relationship with the wrong person. Worried that you may never find Mr. /Ms. Right.

It’s understandable, but I assure you, this book offers you practical advice on how to attract that special person designed for you so you can have the marriage of your dreams!

It is quite alarming to see many marriages daily hitting the rocks of divorce! And the statistics are frightening…with as much as two out of every four marriages ending in divorce! From the renowned celebrity to the unknown housewife it is the same tragic tale of heartbreak, abuse, and crushed dreams. But the truth is: divorce is what you get when you marry someone else’s soulmate!

I have found that the only certain cure for divorce is to attract that special man or woman created just for you. “How To Find Your Soulmate In 24 Hours!” by Ikenna Igwe, teaches you exactly how to do so. In it you will learn:

• The meaning of your OWN Mr. / Ms. Right

• The difference between Mr. / Ms. Right & your OWN Mr. /Ms. Right

• The importance of attracting your OWN Mr. / Ms. Right

• The lasting benefits of finding your OWN Mr. / Ms. Right

• How to actually attract your OWN Mr. / Ms. Right

• Why you are yet to find your OWN Mr. / Ms. Right

• The real difference between love and infatuation

• How your wedding vows are adversely affecting your marriage

• How to know if your current partner is truly in love with you

• What it really means to fall in love at first sight

• Why you are better off having sex with your OWN Mr. /Ms. Right

• How your Mr. /Ms. Wrong & Mr. /Ms. Right can become your OWN Mr. /Ms. Right

How To Find Your Soulmate In 24 Hours! has the potential to turn around your relationships and set you on the solid path to having a blissful marriage!




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