We Went to a Movie Auditioning and This Happened – Leila


It was exactly around this time in September 2016, that Leila was rushed back home from school. We were both in our final year at the University of Abuja, studying the same course, Theatre Arts.

This incident happened at the start of our first-semester examination. That morning, before she was rushed back home, I noticed she looked ill and was not able to focus while the invigilator was addressing us. It wasn’t long afterward she started vomiting blood. And then she passing out. I had thought she was suffering from a very high-stress level since our practical classes were quite stressful, or maybe Lung cancer. But it wasn’t.

I didn’t see Leila until a month later when she came back looking better, but pale. I knew instantly that she must have been really sick. I wanted to ask her what the problem was, but I decided it would be after class. However, she never stayed till the end of class. All through our performing week, she didn’t join us, and each time she was with us, it was to do a little or less rigorous activity.

By the time we got home for the first semester holiday, I saw less of Leila. Each time I strolled over to her house, as we were neighbors, I would be told that she traveled, or she was sleeping.

However, some few days before we resumed for the second semester, she visited me. We talked and even gossiped about the latest couples in school. I later decided to ask her what made her vomit blood and what the latest was about her health.

“I have Ulcer,” she told me. I was surprised. I mean, I have never heard that ulcer was that dangerous. But having seen what happened to her, and hearing her say it is an ulcer, amazes me. She went on to explain that her ulcer was chronic and so she needed to take some prescribed medications and eat a lot of food and ripe fruits.

At the same time, she was to avoid eating certain types of foods.

That night, I carried out a thorough research on Ulcer. Thanks to Google, I got to know that it also comes with some pains, sometimes at the back or chest region. I really felt for Leila.

Around that time, my dad asked me to help him order a ‘Forever Living Aloe Vera gel’. I asked my dad what he wanted to use the product for, considering he already had medication he was taking for his health issues. Dad is diabetic. He told me that a friend of his had used the product to manage his digestive disorders. He also mentioned that the product was really good at managing ulcer and excess sugar. I quickly ordered it for dad, hoping to introduce it to Leila when next we talk.

The new semester was indeed full of rigorous activities for us. With Theatre Arts students, this is mostly the case, especially as we were almost graduating. Leila, again, was exempted from all activities. One evening, after we both finished eating a pepper-free jollof rice made by her, I told her about the ‘Forever Living Aloe Vera gel‘ product and explained how it was helping dad. Leila replied saying,

“Regina, I have used drugs worth more than fifteen thousand naira, what makes you think this product will work? Besides I am already using a herbal mixture of ginger and soya beans and I think I’m getting better”.

 I didn’t argue with her because arguing with Leila is always pointless. Once her mind is made up, that’s it. So I decided it was best to let her use her Local herbal mixture.

The semester ran smoothly. The term was coming to an end. I started experiencing serious pains in my stomach a few weeks to our exams. I got the shock of my life when one of the doctors in the school’s health center, after some tests, told me that I was suffering from Ulcer. I was scared. I didn’t want to vomit blood, neither did want to look sick like Leila, although she looked much better now.

I told dad about it and he instructed me to order the Forever Living Aloe-Vera Gel product. I was skeptical at first. I had wanted to ask Leila for her herbal mixture, but I finally decided against and went for the Forever product. Since it helped my dad’s friend, I believe it would help me. 

We signed out finally and did our final presentation around July ending. By then, I was already feeling quite okay and I was positive that the product was indeed working wonders.

By the time we returned home from school, we were told to attend an audition for some movie roles in one of the top movie production studios in Abuja. Leila and I had attended. But as soon as we were done, Leila fainted again. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. I had to call her parents.

I didn’t get the chance to know what was wrong, But as long as I was concerned Leila had been feeling well. There was no way Ulcer had found its way back.

I tried visiting her at the hospital, but I wasn’t allowed to into her room. I tried to talk with her parents, but they had kept their long faces, lost in their own world. 

By the end of the week, I was preparing to visit the hospital, hoping Leila would be better and I’ll be allowed to see her when I received a call. It was from the organizers of the movie audition; we had passed and were expected on set the following week.

I was still excited 45 minutes later, as I walked to the hospital, thinking how best to break the good news to my friend when I saw the grieving faces of her parents and siblings. It wasn’t long after I got the rude shock. My friend was dead. She died in the early hours of that day, and according to the doctor, she had died as a result of peptic ulcer because it was not properly treated. 

That day, I lost a friend and a sister. I kept blaming myself for not getting her the Forever Living Aloe-Vera Gel that had helped me in managing my ulcer. I wept. But she was gone.

This incident made me decide to buy the Forever Living product for people who may be living with ulcer and are ignorant of the way to manage it. I have kept that promise to date, and I don’t intend to stop.


PS: This story is fiction mixed with a few real-life experiences. It was written strictly to create awareness of this product for people suffering from Ulcer. Please help create that awareness, and reduce the suffering these patients go through. Thank you.


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