The Choices We Make – Chapter One

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The blue curtains in the room were hanging down low and the whole place was a mess with clothes lying scattered on the rug, the reading table and chair were out of place and the books on them were scattered. The fan made a squeaky sound as its long blades moved continuously in circles but released only warm air.

The hip-hop music coming from the speakers of the home theatre was enough to drown the moaning sounds of Anita Olagboju and Paul Lagary as they had very rough sex on the rug before getting on the bed. Knowing that she loved the rear entry position, Paul did what he had to do.

In the next thirty minutes, they lay spent on the bed, panting while Anita laughed at the same time.

“Wow! It’s been a very long time since I had it like this.” Anita said while still trying to catch her breath.

“That’s because you chose to leave me” Paul replied while still trying to catch his breath. He laid face up with his two hands behind his head.

‘Oh come on Paul!” Said Anita. She then rolled over to his side and started to stroke his hairy chest. “You know it’s not like that.”

“Then how is it?” He asked as he removed her hand from his chest and sat up. “We could have been together Anita, but instead you chose to go after someone else because of his wealth. How could you belittle yourself? Now the tweed, with all his money cannot satisfy you and you are here on my bed. How long will this go on?”

“It’s a temporary arrangement but I don’t know how long it will be.” Anita sighed. “Look, we can still be together” She persuaded.

“How?” Paul asked as he got up and started to put on his clothes.

“Baby, don’t put on your clothes yet please, let us talk this through.”

“I don’t think so, Anita. I really enjoyed my time with you and I enjoyed the arrangement while it lasted, but I can’t do this anymore.”

“I understand that you are still angry with me but…”

“It’s not just about being angry Anita, I’m getting married in two months time and I cannot continue to cheat on a woman who has been very nice, honest and faithful. It’s over between us.”

This announcement took Anita by surprise but she tried not to show it. She had been enjoying her time with Paul and didn’t want anything to spoil it or take him away from her but she knew that marriage was a different ball game.

“I didn’t know you were getting married. Who’s the lucky girl? Can I know her?”

“No, you can’t. Just get off my bed and be on your way, fun time is over.”

“Can’t this be resolved?”

“No Anita, it can’t.”

Paul then unlocked the door and walked out of the room, leaving Anita to herself.

Anita was a well-endowed woman in her mid-thirties, light complexion and very fashionable. She had little dimples on both sides of her cheeks which added some extra touch to her already beautiful face but she was not so beautiful inside.

She and Paul were in a very serious relationship during their university days but because of Paul’s financial struggles, she left him for a richer man who later proposed and got married to her. Her nightmares started during their honeymoon.

Anita couldn’t believe her eyes when she discovered that her husband was a complete amateur in bed. She complained several times and although her husband tried to improve, she was still not satisfied and neither did she do anything to help him get better. Not wanting any more disappointments, she stopped having intimate moments with her husband and started to visit Paul again.

Paul knew he missed her so much and so he was happy to have her back. He accepted her proposal of friendship with benefit but no strings attached.

A few months after their new friendship started, Paul ran into Jite Buwa at a shopping mall. She was a fair complexioned lady in her late twenties, had the body of an athlete and nice hips. It was her athletic built and hips that first caught Paul’s attention.

One thing led to another and soon they started a relationship. Jite could not be compared to Anita in terms of fashion, beauty, and intimacy, but she was witty, honest and trustworthy. She also wasn’t the materialistic type and so Paul was sure no rich man will ever take her away from him.

Paul Lagary was a handsome, dark complexion man in his late thirties. He had well-trimmed side beards, a very muscular body and he stood at exactly 5ft 6. He was a man who believed in getting what he wanted but with Anita, he was not so sure about what he wanted. He found himself constantly falling head over heels for her and he knew that if he didn’t send her packing, he wouldn’t stop being intimate with her.

As he took the narrow but well-furnished passage to the sitting room, Paul took his phone out of his trouser pocket and saw fifteen missed calls and they were all from Jite, his fiancée. He quickly pressed the dial button and placed the phone against his ears. It rang only once before Jite answered. She had been anxiously waiting for his call.

“Where have you been?” That was the first question she asked.

“Sorry Baby, I was working on some documents. I didn’t know I left my phone in the room.” Paul lied.

“Dear I was so worried,” Jite said with a sigh. One could easily hear the relief in her voice. “Anyway, I’m glad you are okay. So, are you still coming?”

“Coming for?” Paul asked confused. There were too many plans going on for his marriage and sometimes he was at a loss about what was next in line to do.

“Oh Christ Jesus, don’t tell me you have forgotten already. We are supposed to see Rev. Philip in 30minutes and after that, check on the vendors. Hello?”

“Oh!” Paul finally remembered. “I… totally forgot. I will be on my way now baby, see you shortly.”

Paul looked at his phone with no expression on his face as he cut the call. He loved Jite so much but he knew it would be hard to let go of Anita, especially because of her bedroom tricks. Jite was too innocent and had insisted that they get married first before anything about bedroom activities could be done. He wondered if she would be as good as Anita or he would have to teach her and that was something he never really liked, teaching. Anyway, he loved her and that was more important to him. As for bedroom tricks, he would have to find other ways to teach her if it ever got to that.

Anita appeared at the passage entrance already dressed and set to go.

“Thought you told her you are coming?” She scoffed. “From what I see, you truly don’t love this girl. Why then are you forcing it?”

“I love her Anita, and that is none of your damn business.”

“Then why are you still sitting here?”

“Waiting for you to leave my house so that I can lock up.”

“Oh! I see. Okay, baby, I’m off.”

She walked out and as soon as she was gone, Paul got up, grabbed his keys and headed out.

Outside, Anita sat patiently in the taxi she had stopped and waited for Paul. She was determined to know who his fiancée was. She wasn’t going to take chances. If she couldn’t have Paul, then no other woman would. Paul was the only man who could satisfy her and she was not ready to lose him completely to anybody. After flagging down a taxi, she ordered the driver to wait. As soon as Paul was out in his car, they followed quietly behind. She had to know who this woman was and then, she had to tear them apart one way or the other.

After about 50 minutes drive due to hold up at Mary land, Anita’s Taxi came to a halt beside Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church located at Ikeja. She watched Paul, who was already out of his car and hugging a fair complexioned lady who looked like she was in her late twenties. Although she had nice hips, she was well shaped with the body of an athlete. Anita knew Paul had always had a thing for fair complexion ladies. He just couldn’t resist them. He kissed her lightly on her lips before she took his hand and led him into the church like a little boy.

Although Paul’s fiancée looked familiar to Anita, she could not place where she had seen her face before.


Chapter Two

After about an hour’s wait, Anita watched the lovebirds come out of the church with a reverend father who looked like he was counseling them and giving words of encouragement at the same time.

When he was through, the duo got into Paul’s car and drove off. Still determined to know more, Anita asked the taxi driver to follow.

“Madam, this one when you dey do spy work so, your money go big well well o! And if you no pay I go report you give police o!”

“I tell you say I no go pay? Ehn? See this man o! You know who I be sef?”

“I no wan know who you be. If you want make I move this car, drop something first.”

Anita was seriously angry but since she didn’t want to lose sight of the lovebirds, she quickly took out five thousand Naira and gave it to the driver. The man smiled when he took the money.

“Oya, follow them now oh” Anita instructed. “If we lose them I no go pay you anything extra.”

The taxi driver quickly put on the ignition and drove off. Although it took him some time, he eventually caught up with Paul’s Vehicle and followed behind quietly.

They moved from one vendor to the other and after a long day, Paul finally took his fiancée home at about 7:00 PM. Fortunately for Anita, Paul’s fiancée’s house was just a few blocks away from hers and this made her very happy.

She was convinced that her plans will work out just fine. Since she knew who the fiancée was and where she lived, Anita asked the taxi man to take her home and she gave him directions on how to get there. Once there, she paid him off and went inside. The day was really stressful but she was happy that she accomplished something.

In the lavishly furnished sitting room her husband, Adebola Olagboju, sat watching TV. His legs were crossed and he held a glass of red wine in one hand. Adebola was a very successful businessman;  owner of Trance Technologies and he had three different five-star hotels in and outside of Lagos.

“Where have you been?” He asked as soon as Anita came in.

“I was out with the girls” She lied.

“Out with the girls huh?” Adebola asked with shot up brows. “I called all of your girlfriends and none of them seemed to know where you were, that’s after I tried your number several times and it didn’t go through.”

“Oh!” Said Anita in pretense. “I must have forgotten to put it back on after it fell from my hand and went off.” She then quickly searched for the phone and pretended to put it on. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry.” She apologized and then went over to peck his cheek.

Adebola gave her a serious frown. He was very angry at her but his love for her made him restrain from pushing her away.

“Anita,” he called, “This attitude of yours has been on for a while now. You go out and I cannot call you because your phone is always switched off. The few times I have been able to get you, you are always in a very noisy place hence, we cannot talk. Are you cheating on me? Are you seeing someone else?”

“Oh God baby! Why would you even think so? Why would I cheat on you?”

“I don’t know, I’m wondering about that too.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do? To prove that I am not cheating on you?”

“I want your phone to always be on when you go out and instead of taking a taxi, let Jide drive you out, after all, I bought a car and hired a driver for you but you don’t use any of them.

Knowing that her meetings with Paul had come to a temporary end, she agreed. She will do as Adebola wanted but soon, when Paul has no other choice, she will divorce Ade and be with him. She loved Paul for his bed tricks and Ade for his money. Since she needed both, she decided she’d play a fast one on Ade so as to get enough money to leave and be with Paul when the time came.

“Okay sweetheart,” She said, giving in to Ade’s demands. “I will do as you have asked.”

“Thank you, my dear. That is all I wish to hear. Come with me.” He said as he stood up and wrapped his left hand around her curvy hips. He then led her towards the narrow but well-furnished passage leading to their bedroom. “I have something to show you.”

“Oh, what is it?” She asked excitedly.

“Something I bought for you. You will see.”


Tuesday morning saw Anita jogging within the estate. She wasn’t an exercise freak but she knew that the best way to get the other girl’s attention was to follow her daily exercise routine. She hated exercises but as she pondered on where she must have known Paul’s fiancée, Anita remembered seeing her taking early morning workouts within the estate in the past and so she decided to push herself to it. If she was lucky, things would go her way, if not, then she knew she would have to re-strategize.

Anita had gone only two blocks and was already exhausted and giving up hope when Jite showed up. She was returning from a long jogging exercise and was still kicking very strong. As soon as Anita spotted her, she quickly stopped and fell helplessly to the ground so as to get her attention. Feeling concerned, Jite ran up to her.

“Are you okay?” She asked as she helped Anita to a sitting position.

“At least I will survive” Anita responded. “Oh dear, sorry to disturb your workout. I see you giving it a go every morning and I thought oh, why can’t I just do what she does? That’s the reason why I’m here doing this.”

“Really?” Jite asked with excitement. “Oh, I didn’t know anyone even took notice of me, let alone my workout. I’m glad I inspire you but hey!”


“You have to go a block at a time. Jogging two blocks for a start is not really the best way to go about it.”

“I was just trying to be like you” Anita grinned childishly, making Jite laugh out loud.

“You are funny,” Jite said.

“I know, my husband tells me so every day.”

“You are married?”


“Wow! That’s good. I’m getting married next month. I guess you can teach me a lot about married life”

“Next month?” Anita asked. She was sure Paul told her two months time or could it be that the wedding had been brought backward? She quickly put her thoughts away and smiled at Jite. “Oh dear, I would be glad to. Congrats to you. Who’s the lucky man?”

“His name is Paul, Paul Lagary. We’ve run into each other late last year.”

“Wow! That’s nice. I’m happy for you. By the way, I’m Anita, Anita Olagboju ” She said with an outstretched hand and Jite shook it.

“I’m Jite Buwa,” She said.

“Nice to meet you Jite,” Anita said before getting to her feet. “Okay now, which way do we go?”

“I suggest we go home,” Jite said. “We’ve had enough jogging for one day.”

Anita agreed, she wasn’t sure she could do another round of jogging so together, they started to walk home.

“So, being that your marriage is coming up next month, how are you coping with preparations?” Anita asked.

“Frankly, it hasn’t been easy, especially since I am an only child.”


“Yes. A lot falls on my shoulders”

“But surely you must have friends and family to help out.”

“Yes, I have my family and one friend; she is truly a friend indeed”

“I’m sure she is. Good friends are hard to come by these days. But if you don’t mind, I can help you out. I am a wedding planner.”

“Are you serious?” Jite asked almost screaming and jumping at the same time. Its people like you I need but you guys charge too much.”

“Money shouldn’t be a problem for you now. Only well to do people live in this Estate and you live here.”

“Oh come on, that doesn’t mean I should blow away the whole money.” She laughed. “How would I survive after the marriage and wedding ceremony?”

“Okay, I will do it for you for free on one condition”

“What condition is that?”

“We shall be friends for life.”

“Oh! Just that? It’s too good to be true. What’s the real catch?”

“Nothing. I already like your person and since we live in the same estate, we might as well just hook up.”

“Yes! Why not?” Jite said happily. “I accept your friendship, Anita.”

They gave each other a hug and then continued their walk. Along the way, they stopped at a supermarket to buy some items and then planned how to meet later in the day after office hours so as to discuss plans for the wedding. Jite was so excited about having a wedding planner as her friend and helper. As long as she was concerned, luck had smiled at her. The stress of planning alone was becoming too much, although her mother, father, some relatives and her best friend, Kite, had shown their best support, a lot still fell on her shoulders and at the moment, Anita was really a blessing.

They got to Jite’s house first. “This is my house.” She said pointing at the two bedroom bungalow.

“It’s a nice place you have here.” Said Anita. She pretended to be seeing the house for the first time. “Mine is still in front, maybe when you are free, you could come over.”

“That would be nice”

“Okay then, let me quickly get home, my husband must be wondering where I am now. So, see you at three?”

“Three it is. Thank you so much.”

With that, they parted ways. Jite went in and Anita went home. Luck had smiled on her and now it was time to map out other schemes. Paul had to be hers and she didn’t mind going through thick and thin to get him.

As soon as Anita got home, she met Adebola sitting on the couch. He was dressed in his office wear and his briefcase lay carelessly on the center table. The TV was on but he wasn’t really watching. He was far away in thoughts and anyone who saw him would know that something bothered his mind.

“Oh, sweetheart,” She said surprised. “I thought you would be at the office by now”

“I thought so too, and I also thought you would be at your own office by now. I don’t know what moved me but, something did, and it asked me to check your work record. I put someone on it and I just got the result.”

“You are spying on me? How can you even do such a thing?”

“How can I? I put in good money to make your business work but all you do is squander every profit that comes your way and sometimes, part of the capital goes too. Now tell me, do you expect me to continue to pump a million naira, every 2 to 3 months into a business that brings forth nothing? You don’t even stay at your office to conduct the affairs of the day.”

“Look, Ade, you promised to help support my business and that is what you will do, nothing else. As for where I spend my money, that’s none of your damn business. What is your problem? I agreed to all you asked of me last night and then this morning, the first thing I hear is this? Mtchewww” She hissed and stormed out of the sitting room leaving Ade in deeper thoughts.

He met Anita three years ago at a business meeting. She was working as a secretary for a close friend of his and she looked so smart, responsible and intelligent. As time went on, they started to get close and have dates. Soon, he was head over heels in love with her. One thing led to another and soon he was getting married. It was after marriage he began to hear gossips about his wife and who she really was.

At first, he dismissed them as gossips from jealous people. He knew that so many girls wanted to marry him for his money and nothing more but Anita was different. She would take him out and offer to pay the bills; she would buy him expensive gifts and give him expensive treats. Then he was convinced that she was a woman of her own and was not with him for the money. After marriage, he set up an event planning outfit for her with a big hall that people could rent for their different events. Since then till now, he had been spending money to maintain the place and Anita did absolutely nothing to support him.

He was starting to believe the gossips but before he could take action, there was one final thing he really wanted to know. Apart from Anita being with him because of his money, was she cheating on him? These and more went through his mind as he sat down and so he decided it was best to get a private investigator to follow his wife around. He needed to know what she was up to.

It was a long while later, his eyes rested on the wall clock. Seeing that the time was some few minutes to ten, he decided to go to the office. He had a company meeting by 12 and needed to put some things in place before then. He would have to deal with his wife’s issues later on.

He quickly grabbed his suitcase, went outside, got into his car and drove off. Close to the estate gate, he saw a young lady standing beside her car. She looked distressed and helpless. The car seemed to be in bad shape because the bonnet was smoking seriously. He was already late for work and so stopping to help was totally out of the question but when she flagged him down, he didn’t have the heart to drive by.

“Is everything okay?” He asked as soon as he parked and got down from his car.

“Well, everything was okay this morning, at least before I left home.” She replied.

“Okay, let me look at it.”

“Oh! Are you sure you really want to do this? You are dressed for the day. I was only hoping you could just give me a lift.”

“Okay, so where are you going?”

“I’m going towards FESTAC”

“I am not going that way and I don’t give lifts halfway so, let me see what I can do.”

Ade spent the next 30mins trying to find and fix the problem. As soon as it was done, the car started to work fine again.

“Thank you so, so much sir, I’m very grateful.”

“You’re welcome.”

She took out water from her jerry can and poured some for him to wash his hands. When he was through, he gave her a salute and turned to leave.

“Oh! Sir!” she called out to him and he stopped to look at her. “In case I see you again, what do I call you?”

“Ade, just call me Ade.”

“Okay Ade, thank you very much for your time and help. My name is Jite” She quickly brought out her wedding invitation card and gave it to him. “I am getting married in a month’s time. I’ll be honored if you can attend.”

“Well, it’s still a month away,” Ade said as he took the card.

“I know sir but, I may not see you again before then.”

“Oh well, It will be my pleasure,” He said with a smile. You take care okay?”

“I will. Bye.”

They went their separate ways and their day’s activities started.


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