So, I read a post recently by Neville Medhora, that got me laughing and nodding at the same time. Everything he wrote, A-Z is correct, as long as online gurus and their scams are concerned. You want to be a guru but you’re lazy?

So, if you want to make quick money by easily scamming people, see the steps below.




How would you know your target market? Your target market has the lazy people you come across online. They usually just want to make quick money without putting in any Work.

I’ve been off this blog for a while now cos I had to attend to jobs for various clients. I’m still on it, but done with most of them so I have the time again. But it has been a lot of work; and sleepless nights. People don’t know what happens behind the scene. They think I sit on my blog and make money.

These set of people inbox me on Facebook or send WhatsApp messages, and they go like, please, I really I’m a good writer and will love to earn good money writing. What should I do? When I tell them, most of them run off.

Some ask about making money off their blogs. When I share my book, If Blogs Could Speak, They’ll Tell You This, with them, some tell me they can’t read. Lol. A few others read but come back to tell me how it all seems like too much work. They ask if there’s nothing they can just do for a few hours and make mega bucks.

Oh well, there is. And that’s what this post is about. My target audience for this post is you if you’re among the lazy bunch. And your target audience for this scam to work are people like you.  They are the market that will fall for anything and everything stupid.



ScamPut together a one-page document as an Ebook, and title it “Instant Money; How I Spend Only 30 Minutes Online, Daily, and Earn N100,000”.

Now it doesn’t matter if your ebook has any content, or if you just copied someone’s blog post. Remember, you don’t care about your image or your customer’s satisfaction. You know after this first scam, they wouldn’t come back to you. They’ll know you’re a scam, and depending on the method of payment, refunds cannot be made.

You don’t care anyway. You just want to make money this one time and be gone.




Before you write a fraudulent sales copy, ensure you borrow some naira or dollars so you can snap it for your marketing. You can also take a video with it. People are moved by what they see. They’ll say “wow! This person lives the life he/she preaches about. And they’ll most certainly want to buy from you.

But then, don’t forget to borrow or rent your friend’s luxury mansion and exclusive cars. Better still, download some of them from the internet and get yourself photoshopped into the background.

Lastly, get a fake sales report form some of those internet gurus, claiming you made so and so from your fake business within a week.

When you have all of these, slap together your fake sales letter. And send it out through advertising. But do not be stupid enough to target intelligent people who question things, or those who love to know the nitty gritty of things, understand it properly and are ready to put in the work. Those guys will be too smart for your scam. They’ll perceive your lie from a distance.

Your target audience is the lazy bunch like you who keeps getting scammed but still look for get-rich-quick’ schemes.

Please, don’t care about your image or brand name. Don’t care what your customer’s think about you.



Collect your money, spend it stupidly and repeat the process. But remember, you’re a scammer. Your product is terrible. You can only scam lazy people like you. But even these lazy people will soon come to understand that you’re not different from them. They can only fall into your scam once.

Hope I’ve been able to help you gather money for Christmas rice, you lazy bunch. #angry face#


So, are you going to join the scammers? Or will you be legit and build up something solid? I look forward to your thoughts below.

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