10 Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Me



Today, I thought to share a bit about me here with you guys. Of course, in no particular order. And I’m hoping you’ll share something about yourselves too. So ready? 👇See below:

Fact 1.  I’ve got open teeth. 😎 as in, up and down.

Some people who meet me for the first time go like, “ah! You have open teeth.” And I’m like, in all of this fine woman it is only open teeth you’re going to concentrate on ba? Lol.

I got the top open teeth from birth. The two below, I got it from a fall when I was playing football with my brothers. One tooth broke almost in half. Lol. Unfortunately, I never got to change them. I grew up with them, and I still feel pains sometimes.

Fact 2. I’m the only girl child in my family.

In fact, I didn’t like this, growing up. My parents used work to baptize me. Anyway, I told my mom to better get pregnant again and give me a sister. This is what? 27 years later. I’m still waiting for the sister I asked my mom to give me. Lol.

Fact 3. I spend my entire day, from waking up, till I go to bed, on client jobs.

Yes, writing is a serious business. And like one writer said, writing isn’t for children. I am 101 % dedicated to writing a masterpiece, or at least giving clients exactly the kind of story they want.

And since I’m handling more than one client at the same time, with my small team, I need to be 100% focused and creative. This is one of the reasons I haven’t been here for a while.

But hallelujah, we just wrapped up one today, beating the deadline of 16th Novembera 2018.

Fact 4. I hardly have the time to cook, because of my work. But I take time out to eat. 😁😁.

Yup! I cook once in a while but eat all the time. This writing business takes food out of one’s stomach and still gives you a heart attack with deadlines. So please, don’t ask me how I eat more than I cook. Tenchu.

Fact 5. When I start on something, I can’t stop it until I’m done.

I had an issue trying to get a client’s desired writing style and tone for one week plus. The client was getting frustrated (I can’t blame her. She was really patient and very understanding in her approach). The writer working with me was getting frustrated. I was too. At that point, it was no longer about the money, but about leaving the client satisfied.

I told my writer, we’re not giving up. We will find every means to get this right. And we did. We learnt her style, but we’re still brushing up on it.

Fact 6. With basic assistance from team members, I can handle 3 client jobs at the same time.

I don’t even need to explain this. That one line says it all.

Fact 7. I love this blog (our blog) more than any paid job out there.

I have come to realize that, no matter where I go, my blog will always call out to me. It will cry for me, and like a mother who runs back to her child, I will always run back to my blog. I love my blog. It is my child and it is home.

Since I left OkadaBooks, I’ve had two juicy offers for employment. But, no. I’ve decided I’m not leaving my blog for anybody’s job, anymore. Besides, I’ve steadily been mapping out plans for Pelleura. It will be registered as a full business before the year runs out, and there are big plans for next year that I cannot reveal now.

I really look forward to sharing the excitement with you guys, because this, is ours.

Fact 8.  I can learn something new, just by looking at the person doing it.

But depending on what I’m learning, it might take me some extra time to perfect it.

I learned bead-making, hair making, computer, pineapple juice, novel writing, script writing, short video recording and editing, and much more, just by looking.

I never started out as a fast learner. I was the slowest among my siblings. But today, I’m super fast.

Fact 9. I hardly move away from something or someone.

I try to hold on as much as possible, even when all is not well. But if I do leave, I never look back. Not even once.

This could be friendship, relationships, personal items, job etc.

Fact 10. I once hated marketing

As in, I wouldn’t market anything to anyone, even if my life depended on it. Lol. But after working with OkadaBooks, especially working hand in hand with Ofili Okechukwu on marketing, I got to understand marketing to a large extent. Marketing should not be about you, but about the customer and what he/she needs, as well as what solutions you’re offering.

Another thing I learnt from Ofili is, if your prospect says no, then move on. There are way more prospects out there waiting for you.

With all I’ve learnt and put in practice, I know I can never run out of clients. Fact!

If I do not have a client at any moment, it is because I do not want to engage in any writing services at that point in time.

So, there, you have it. Please, let’s keep the chain going. I’ll love to know random facts about you too. Kindly share in the comments section.


PS: The lady in the picture is not me.

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