An Accident On His Way to Warri – John’s Story


John was on a bus to Warri, Delta State. The sun had been high up for the most part of the day, bringing with it lots of heat. But of course, as wind whooshed past the open window, fresh air blew the passengers and helped calm the temperature.

Halfway through the journey, the sun had started to hide, occasionally, behind thick dark clouds, until it just remained there. One passenger said something about the rain falling somewhere and begged that it fall where they were too. But of course, it was a casual remark everyone silently agreed with. The rain would help calm the temperature some more.

John was on that bus. He sat at the far back, by the left window. He was travelling to attend the marriage introduction of his brother’s eldest daughter.

John was a man who had so dedicated himself to serving God, that he doesn’t say anything more than God in all he does. He too silently agreed with the other passenger about the rain. But then, a thought crossed his mind. It asked,

“If an accident was to happen now. What will you say?”

John had always believed in the word, “I AM,” as the fastest way to pray or to connect with God. God himself had introduced himself to Moses as “I AM that I AM”, and John had always, since he broke out from regular church doctrines, referred to God as ‘I AM’. Nothing more.

So thinking the thought came out of boredom or just something to turn his mind to God at that moment, he responded.

“I will say, I AM, I AM I AM…”

He was interrupted as they ran into a very heavy downpour, from nowhere. The road got slippery and the bus had been driving at full speed.
Passengers screamed as the slippery road caused the driver to lose control of the bus. It went off the road and turned around, facing the direction they were coming from, and with it’s back, began going in the direction they were headed. But the driver didn’t put the bus on the reverse.

John never stopped calling out those two words, until the bus swerved off the road again, turned around, faced the direction they were headed and stopped.

It was a few minutes of madness but no one died. No one was hurt. As in, not even a scratch. The only casualty was a lady who fell off the bus. But then, she wasn’t hurt at all. No vehicles in front or behind, else there would have been a serious collision.

John was full of gratitude and praises to God. He got to understand that the question he answered in his mind, was God preparing him for what was about to happen.

PS: This is a real-life story.

On my own part I have, occasionally, had these random thoughts come to me too, asking, well, if something this crazy happens now, what will you do?

In many instances, my answer had been to call out to anyone around for help; anyone but God. I gave those answers before I realized what I was saying. I was surprised at myself. A few other times, I answer was to call on God. I had to consciously practice the response of calling on God, to make it stick so that even when the smallest issues come up, I find God on my lips first.

The truth is, no matter what we’re going through, calling the next door neighbour or a friend, or a sibling when we’re in trouble is a waste of time and energy. Calling on God to get you out from whatever mess you find yourself, is the fastest most effective solution you will ever experience.
There’s not a time I pray, that I don’t get relief or answers.

I’ve written this post to encourage you, that your battle isn’t yours to fight. Don’t fight. Bring God into the picture, and relax.

So, over to you. Have you ever experienced God’s intervention? Or do you know someone who has? Please share with us. You might be blessing someone with your story.

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