Are Freelance Market Places The Best Place to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?


The first question is, How do you find freelance writing jobs?

Last week, I was discussing with a friend about the writing business. As a writer too, he had registered on Fiverr and gotten some clients. Yes, he is always busy with client jobs and a lot of them are repeat clients. 

However, he complained bitterly of the slow progress and poor pay. He complained also that the market there isn’t booming as it used to. He was sad, that he is at the end of another year, and he still has the kinds of client’s he has. He wants something better.

His situation is something a lot of other writers are experiencing. Just the other day, I came across two ladies in a freelance writing group on Facebook, who said they were tired of low responses and wanted to quit. Mind you, these ladies are not even Africans. But this same issue is biting them hard.

Personally, I have always been against freelance market PLACES. Why? Because I’ve tried them out in the past and truly, they’re just that. Marketplaces. You find you struggle for every customer that comes on board and for what? 5 dollar. Unless for instances where you need to up your price a little bit for more demanding jobs.

But seriously, why struggle for clients when you can market your services effectively and land several clients with a bang. I have had way more clients since July than SOME of our Nigerian writers on Fiverr or Freelancer.

I have written about how I got 6 clients in one day through a very calculated marketing on Instagram. My actual plan was to target just the one client because I already knew she would be a very well paying client.

I have also sent emails to prospective clients. And out of about 15 emails sent, I got 3 paying clients. I didn’t need to go and drag with anybody in the above-listed marketplaces.

There are times I have too many clients at a time. I’ve had to turn down some because the workload will be too much.

The truth is, there’s a lot of awareness now about writing. A lot more people are now looking for writers to help them with fresh content for their blogs, to help write their stories or biographies in form of a book, or to help with content for emails and email marketing. The internet has made writing lucrative. Written content is what keeps the internet going on a daily basis.

Now while I’m happy about my progress, because it took me a while to get here, sometime last week, I had an interesting conversation with someone who did a research work for a client. Of course, it involved a lot of travelling around to interview people. Her fee was nothing short of nine hundred thousand naira (900k). Nothing comot.

I was like, wow! I have not even started. Lol.

But this is encouraging to writers, yes? That there are Nigerians willing to pay such amount for a written work.

Now the difference between me and my friend on Fiverr is positioning. I have placed myself, through my blog, in a better position.

But the difference between me and the lady who charged 900k for one client’s book that wasn’t even up to 60,000 words, is far better positioning on her part. She has taken advantage of opportunities to properly position herself to meet the right kinds of clients.

Discussing with her made me see that anyone can attain that and more if that person can only position himself/herself rightly.

Proper positioning is major in this writing business of ours. And you can position yourself on your blog, other blogs via a guest post, social media, outdoor events, etc.

Now, let’s talk about you. You’re reading this post because you’re a freelance writer who wants to know how to get clients. The first question I’ll ask is, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to getting clients?

Please drop your answer in the comment section below. Let’s discuss.

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PSS: Let’s discuss in the comment section


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