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My name is Karo Oforofuo, owner and blogger here on Pelleura. I am a self-published author, story blogger with a difference, online business consultant and writing coach. I am also a ghostwriter, E-publisher, Online book marketer and editor.

What Is Pelleura About?

Pelleura is a platform that focuses on telling stories that help entertain, inspire, motivate, build and help better the lives of its readers from all over the world.

Our stories here focus on motivation to help you get through your daily challenges, inspiration, business stories/articles for SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise), Brand Stories for your businesses, Self Love and Self Improvement Stories, Relationship, social, e-marketing and even religious stories.

Almost all stories shared on Pelleura are true life stories but with names and locations changed  and a little bit of fiction. These stories are relatable, as they are mostly meant to uplift you and give you a solution to that problem you’ve been facing.


Why Stories?

We are in a time where storytelling is the order of the day. It is used widely now for entertainment, business marketing, to promote products and services, build followers, etc. Besides, an average person will quickly read up a self-help lesson or business advice written in the form of a story, than a full list of boring articles.

Since our aim is to impact people positively and bring them the needed change and solution they need in business, relationships, personal lifestyle and even entertainment, we have decided we will do it with stories. And I’m happy to include, that these stories will soon expand into videos.


How Did We Get Here?

As someone who has always been in love with writing stories, I had a free blogger blog set up as far back as 2013. I wrote a lot of fiction stories on that blog and drew in a lot of readers and followers. However, none of them truly took me as anything more than a fiction storyteller. It was so bad that if I post something else about businesses, start-ups, and the sort, very few people thought I should be taken seriously because, after all, I’m a storyteller. What does she know about business and online marketing?

Truth be told, I never really took that blog or my stories as a business. Neither did I handle it with a business mind. Hence I was easily dismissed. However, I really wanted to turn the blog into a business. But something told me I was easily dismissed because I was probably doing something wrong.

Even the stories I put up for sale didn’t sell so much because I was easily persuaded to give it away. It was no longer a business. A lot of my readers loved the stories. But they wouldn’t pay for it. They wanted to read for free

I decided to pull back from my fiction writing and engage squarely in researching all there was to know about building a business online, turning your blog into a business and so on. I spent a whole month reading pages upon pages of web articles from deep business minds. Then I subscribed to their email lists and got their free books, videos and audio materials to aid my research.

I downloaded materials upon materials that I read morning, afternoon and night everyday; I was hardly sleeping.

After a month, I was loaded and set to launch. But with all I had learned, I couldn’t really launch out as I would have loved to due to my full-time work at OkadaBooks. I was in author marketing, content creation and development, social media promotions and building of engagement, customer service, ad sales and execution, and book reviews all at the same time.

Also, I learned so much and gained hands-on experience from OkadaBooks about growing your business, what works and what doesn’t.

But of recent, my work started to reduce as the company has grown a lot and more hands have been employed. Now I am free and have time to run this blog to the fullest. And as much as we’re going to have fiction stories here, we will also have a lot of business stories, relationship stories, inspirational and motivational stories, religious stories and much more, because now there’s a focus.

The focus is to ensure the stories and articles you read in this blog changes your personal life, business life, work life, relationships etc, for the best.

Do We Render Services On This Blog?

Yes, we do. Please see the image below


You can also look through our site menu to see the details of our services.

And yes, authors/writers are always welcome to contribute to entertaining, motivating, informing and educating our readers. But your contributions must be a story, either in audio, video or written text.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach me here


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