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A lovely afternoon everyone.

Some of you have asked questions that I have responded to privately. But again, I want to publicly clear the air about one particular question.

Are We Now Paying A Fee to Read Your Stories?

The answer is, ‘yes’. And if you have looked at these stories,  you will come to understand that I am no longer the only one writing these lovely stories on the blog for you. There are other writers now whose sole purpose of joining the team is to entertain you. And more will join in as time progresses.

The blog is not just about me, but about you, our esteemed readers. We’re ensuring stories flow out non-stop to keep you entertained. New chapter release timetable will be posted next week so you always know when new chapters are dropping.

Having said that, those of you who have followed me right from time understand that I have been posting free stories since as far back as 2013. More than half of my stories sold on Okadabooks and other platforms now, were first posted for free on my old blog, and then this present blog.

From 2013 till now is 5 years plus.

I work mostly freelance jobs. The payment from these freelance jobs are used to

  1. Pay salaries
  2. Maintain the blog
  3. Data subscription to keep things going.
  4. Trainings for better delivery.
  5. A lot of other stuff not mentioned here.

At the end of the day, I spend more of my freelance income on all the above, instead of adding it to what the blog makes to help expand what we’re doing and serve you better.

Some people have gotten angry and left my social pages (Facebook and Instagram) and a lot more have unsubscribed from 3 of my mailing lists because of the new development which insist on N500 and N1000 subscription respectively.

Some said I should have discussed it with everyone before making the move. I agree with them. I should have. But the deed has been done. Please forgive me.

For everyone who have left, I say thank you. The truth is, you’ve been a pleasant part of my journey and you’re deeply appreciated for taking time out through the years and months to be with us. 🙏

For those who are still here, have registered on the blog and paid for subscription, I say a very big thank you for remaining a part of, not just our old story, but the new ones that are about to unfold. Your support is highly appreciated and we assure you there’s a lot more goodies for you that we are cooking up.

SOME of them are

  1. Giveaways
  2. Freebies
  3. Free Publicity for your businesses on the blog and much more.

When we are ready to go live with these, we will drop all the details.

If you haven’t registered, please go here to do so.

We’ve tried to simplify the payment process by including bank transfer and even recharge card payment. Yes. You can pay with recharge card. Kindy see all the details below 👇. 


How to Register

Step 1: Visit the blog. if you’re not registered, you’ll see the register or login button below each post. Click on register.

Step 2: you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll choose your membership level. We have 3 membership levels

Free membership – N0
Bronze membership – N500
Silver membership – N1000

Whichever one you choose, the next page will list the content you have access to with that level. Please fill in the form in the same page, tick the necessary boxes and click to checkout.

Step 3.  If you’ve chosen free membership, you wouldn’t be required to make payment.

If you choose any of the paid membership options, you have 3 options:

A. Paystack – You can go on and proceed with Paystack. Paystack is a secure international payment processor. And it is used by lots of businesses online today.  It doesn’t matter the country you are. When you make payment, the equivalent in naira N500 or N1000 is what will be collected. Nothing more.

PS: your bank charges may apply.

B. Bank transfer – After your checkout your account will be created but you’ll have no level. That means, you still cannot access content.

Simply send an email to You can also use the contact form on the blog. We will provide an account detail for you to make the transfer to. When we get your payment, we’ll clear your subscriptions at the back-end and you’ll have access paid content for that level.

C. Recharge card Payment. This can be done by filling the pin number in the form here – //


Make an Mtn or 9mobile transfer to our numbers  08181317681, 08131014028

(also listed here //

PS: if you want to upgrade your free membership to paid membership, simply use any of the above methods or send us an email via

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Karo Oforofuo is an experienced freelance writer, an author of several fiction books, and a blogger at, where she entertains readers with mouth-watering stories, and business tips for writers. She also specializes in helping authors who want to start and grow their reader base, through consulting sessions. When she’s not working, she’s busy reading the next best paranormal romance novel or writing one.

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