Beta Carotene – How Philip Overcame Asthma

beta carotene,

If you’ve never heard about beta carotene, then I’m happy to be the one to introduce it to you today.  Before I give details about it, I’ll share my story on how I got to know about the antioxidant, which is gotten from carrots.

I have a friend. Philip. And I’ve known him since we were in primary school. He always stood out as one of the best students all through primary, secondary, and our university days.

However, one sad thing that stuck to our hearts much later, was that Philip is asthmatic.

I actually didn’t know about his health issue until we got to the university, and on a fateful afternoon at his hostel, his crisis started. It was his roommate who rushed in to get his inhaler.

It was after that incident I started to notice, he went nowhere without his inhaler.

When I asked about medical solutions to his problem, he shook his head and scoffed, before explaining that he had tried every medication he could think of; including the herbal mixture his grandmother had brought for him three years ago. But it didn’t stop. It continued and it became quite worse and embarrassing, that he seldom went out.

We’re long out of Uni now, and it is a good thing that his health issues didn’t hinder his Freelance writing and Editing business. However, Philip suffered more crisis than usual.

He couldn’t hang out with his friends, family, and even his fiancée. He actually lost his fiancée as a result of his health condition. Philip said it annoyed her that he was reaching for his inhaler too frequently when they were making out, which was quite sickening because it spoilt the fun.

Even though Philip had moved on like he had never dated, we all knew his broken relationship was a big wound in his heart.

Philip actually suffered a lot of setbacks, but he encouraged me because he was strong. Despite everything, I knew he was fighting to stay alive.

Due to some health studies I got involved in, I discovered asthma is actually capable of killing it’s victims. One study said at least, 3 people die daily from asthmatic crisis. This revelation got me worried. Philip had been like a brother. I couldn’t just continue to sit back and do nothing. So I went into research and that was how I discovered beta carotene.

Beta carotene is gotten from carrots. It is also stated that the antioxidant helps to reduce exercise and sometimes stress-induced asthmatic crisis. It helps clear the lungs and aids easy breathing. From my research about this antioxidant, I was sure that Philip would be able to live a more active life.

I called him and talked to him about it. And he seemed not too interested because he had used a lot of products already and still there seemed to be no improvement in his health.

It took some talking to convince him. After we bought the beta carotene, it still took a lot of talking to convince him to take the supplements as specified. And thank God, he finally agreed he’ll go through with the treatment, just to prove me wrong.

Oh well, he is living a more active life today. And he is extremely glad he followed through.

Beta carotene is an antioxidant supplement that does way more than relieve the patients from frequent asthmatic crisis due to stress and exercises. It can also be used to build one’s immune system, and make it strong enough to fight off a lot of other ailments and diseases.

Beta carotene may just be what you or someone close to you, needs,  to overcome certain health issues. And of course, you can read more about the antioxidant supplementhere.

Are there any other wonderful treatment you’ve discovered for asthma? Please tell us in the comments section. Let’s discuss.

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