Closer Than You Think – Osita Onyema

A deadly explosion at a hotel, in Makurdi – on the reunion day of Federal Government College, Otukpa, Alumni Association – claims the lives of more than two-thirds of the alumni in attendance. Major Oche, an alumnus of the school, survives the explosion – along with Uby, his girlfriend.

However, the fatal blast sets the couple on separate paths. With the help of his friend, Major Hassan, and a small group of concurring military officers, Major Oche begins a self-sanctioned enquiry into the activities of the purveyors of violence – since it seems both the state and federal governments are playing politics with the unfortunate incident. Why is the federal government unable to mobilize the required amounts of troops to deal decisively with the radicals who had unsettled the peace of the state? Meanwhile, Uby comes out of coma, to discover she had lost her phones and, in extension, her contacts.

Haunted by the possibility that her boyfriend may be alive, and in spite of her frail health condition, she manages to make her way back to Makurdi in search of him. However, as the violence escalates, the military suddenly makes headway in their fight against the terrorists when a military intelligence officer is revealed as the mole aiding the nefarious group.

This privileged information, together with a number of related clues, helps Major Oche and his team narrow down their search for the murderous assailants – many of whom are killed in the ensuing battle. Peace soon returns to the state as the president implements a permanent solution to forestall a repeat of the violence that has ravaged the denizens. Major Oche and Uby, finally, reunite at a cemetery – after paying his last respects to Major Hassan.

CLOSER THAN YOU THINK is a riveting story pulsating with a potpourri of adventure, mystery, love, and betrayal…and it will hold you in its grip from start to finish.


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Title:  Closer Than You Think

Author: Osita Onyema

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