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Last week Thursday was the first time we announced the Instant Author Writing Challenge. And since then, we have gone on to announce it on our major platforms , and even to our email subscribers.

Some people have asked questions about the 7 Days Instant Author Writing Challenge. And to each of these questions, I have provided answers.

But then, I assume it is possible some of you have the same questions, and so I’ve decided to post them here, along with the answers.

Ques 1: Who can participate in this writing challenge?

Ans: This challenge is for anyone who wants to write a book. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing fiction, or how to guides for your audience who want to learn certain things like making a cake, tailoring, shoes making etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about weight loss or how to prepare herbal tea. It doesn’t matter If you’re writing a motivational book or a financial book, as long as it is a book.

Even if you’re writing a memoir, yes, you’re welcome to join the writing community and partake in the challenge to get your books started and finished.


Ques: Can one really write a full book in seven days?

Ans: Yes. You can. And this totally depends on the kind of book you’re writing, as well as what your daily schedule looks like.

How much time in a day can you give to your writing project? How much time are you willing to give?

I wrote the greater part of Susan’s Diary in one night.

I wrote a detailed, step by step e-course with over 200 photo guides, in 3 days. I’m producing the video version tonight.

I wrote my book, “The No Bullshit Guide to Makindg a Full-time Living as a Freelance Writer” in 7 days, then edited in another 7 days. And these are just a few.

So the question isn’t ‘can one really write a full book in seven days?’ The question should be, ‘What kind of book can I write in 7 days? Or, how far can I progress with my book in 7 days? This is why it is a challenge.


Ques: Is this challenge free? Or do I need to pay a fee?

Ans: This challenge is totally free for 7 days. And all through the 7 days, you get tips, tricks and support to achieve your goals.

However, I am coming out upfront and honestly to say, after the seven days challenge, those who are unable to finish their book will be offered full-time mentorship and an accountability partner for a reasonable fee, to help them polish up what has been done so far and finish the rest of the book (first draft), in no less than a month or two. Tops.

There will also be the offer of an editing course for writers to work hand in hand with Miss. Onu-Okpara, one of the best editors in the publishing industry, to polish their written books.

Miss. Onu-Okpara has done major editing jobs for Brittle Paper and other publishing companies as well as for individuals. She was once the major editor on Okadabooks, and Ofili Okechukwu (Founder of Okadabooks) always calls her Editor in Chief of the Armed forces. That’s to tell you how highly he places her work.

In this course you’re not just shown errors, you’re taught, and have lifetime access to the materials.

Then you’ll also be taught how to design fantastic book covers for your book using android phone apps. You’ll be shown the best applications that you can use, without killing the quality of the pictures. This course is the cheapest of the courses.

Those who make it to the end of the paid courses will get basic marketing support for their books, and a paid marketing feature for the e-version of their books on Okadabooks.

Being a part of the free challenge automatically makes you eligible for discounts on the courses

That’s it, everyone. This challenge will begin on the 15th of March 2019. However, you can send in your requests now to join the group and save your spot. All requests will be approved on the 13th of March 2019. Please click the link below to join.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you know will benefit from it.

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