Just a Little Poison; Princess Wuraola (10)



“Wura, you need to wake up before the supervisor comes. Wura, wake up!” Bimpe tapped her.

Wura slowly opened her eyes. she squinted,  as if to stop her throbbing headache. She was gradually getting used to her other life or whatever it was. She was starting to understand something she had been scared to admit. If her father was dead, and her mother was dead too, and she was a nobody in 2030, then something must be really wrong.

She stood up from the bed, trying to peel off the red dress she had been on for days now. She could hear Bimpe say something but she cared less. She remembered what she had seen in her other life but what scared her more was the fact that her maid, ‘Olaitan’ the one she had caught with Obajuwon was the queen in this life.

Wura picked up her towel and entered the bathroom. She let the water fill the bathtub before she stepped in it. Allowing herself find ease in the cool lathered water. She shut her eyes, and allowed her mind wander off….If Olaitan, was a slave in her other life, and is now Obajuwon’s wife and queen, then that only meant one thing,

She had time-travelled, into the future.

She opened her eyes at her sudden revelation; her heart beating widely. If she was in the future, then she must have been here for a reason. To change it.

Wura was worried again. Who was she going to talk to? Who would believe her?

“Wura hurry up nau! We have only 5 more minutes!” Bimpe yelled.

Wura sat up in the tub, she smiled. She could speak to Bimpe. She should be able to know something. She thought.

Wura hurried to scrub her body so she could meet up with Bimpe, her only hope.


“So what’s your conclusion now?” Bimpe asked. Engrossed with what Wura had told her.

From the look on her face, she could perceive that Bimpe was finding it hard to believe her.

“That I’m in the future.” She rubbed her arms and looked around. They were in the royal quarters, cleaning one of the guest rooms since some of the guests in the palace were out taking breakfast. The short blue chiffon gown she had changed into rode up as she folded her arms.

“This is a whole lot to take in, Wura. But I know just one person that can help.”

Wura looked up expectantly.

“Thank you so much, who?”

“Well, you are not going to believe me, but she’s the oldest in the palace and she’s the only one who can help.”

“Well who, Bimpe, speak up please.”

“The supervisor, our supervisor.”

Her eyes opened in surprise. Wura was sure that the supervisor wasn’t her biggest fan so how on earth would she help her?

Bimpe was about to say something when the door opened, revealing Goke. Her heart skipped, she hadn’t seen him for days, since their last kiss in his room. Her eyes stayed on him a little longer, taking in his appearance. He was wearing a plain blue t-shirt on dark jean trouser. He looked clean shaved too. Her eyes drifted to his lips and she wondered how they would feel against hers.

Wura looked away when she heard Bimpe clear her throat. It was evident that the atmosphere was tense.  Bimpe looked at her with a confused look as if trying to ask what was wrong.

“We are done with cleaning your room sir, sorry for the inconveniences.” Bimpe left the room.

Wura turned to leave but Goke held her hand and drew her into his arms.

“I cannot remember you, or what we shared but I know we have this connection,” Goke kissed her lips.

He released her lips but his head stayed resting on hers. “I..Tosin, my sister moved abroad after her wedding.”

Wura nodded, unable to speak due to their proximity. She still wanted more but she had something pressing to do.

“What troubles you, Wura?” he tipped her chin to meet her eyes.

“I need you,” she swallowed, “I’m in complete danger here, Goke. First , that throne is my father’s…” Wura explained everything to him. She explained her other life and everything  to him.

“Are you sure? Are you saying you time-travelled?”

Wura nodded. She was scared that he would be in doubt like Bimpe had been.

“Whatever it is you want me to do just name it, I will get it done. Okay?”

“Just get your boys ready, Goke. They might just come in handy. Soon.”

He nodded; his hand stroked her cheeks gently and once again his lips found hers. They kissed for a while until they got interrupted by a knock on the door.

Wura took it as a cue to leave. She stepped out of the room, and found Bimpe at the door.

“You’ve been waiting? Tell me how much you heard?”

“A lot, lover girl. Let’s get going we have some place to be.” Bimpe strolled away with Wura on her trail.


“So, you mean you have two lives or what are you saying?” the supervisor asked.

It was quite chilly in the afternoon. It was obvious that the dark clouds were about to release rain any moment. They were currently seated in a lone place in the garden where they were sure nobody went.

“Yes. And I don’t know what to do.”

“The thing is, something like this has happened before. And her body was never found because she went to the past and never came back.”

“That’s terrible. But would she, would Wura be able to go back?” Bimpe watched Wura turn pale.

“It depends. Wura what is your connection? I mean, what stays the same on you each time you time travel into the future and back to the present”

Wura’s eyes wandered over her legs and arms, her blue gown and hair. She sighed.

“Nothing, everything changes including my clothes.”

“Are you sure? What about that ring on your finger.” Bimpe pointed to Wura’s hand.

“Oh, my mother’s ring. It’s always on me. I never pull it off. It’s my only bond with my late mother.” Wura smiled.

“It’s the connection, Wura.” Supervisor said, smiling.

“What? So you mean if iI  do away with it, I will either be stuck here or in the present?”

Supervisor nodded. Wura gasped as the reality of being stuck in the future came flashing before her.

“Wura, did your father ever tell you how your mother died?” She asked with an edge in her voice.

“Yes. He said she died from a terrible illness with no cure.”

The supervisor laughed, startling them.

“Do me a favour, Wura. When you get to the present, ask your father, Kabiyesi, to tell you how your mother died.”

She got up to leave but Wura quickly spoke up.

“Are you saying?..Well, okay I will ask him. But what advice have you to give to me concerning my time-travelling.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to throw away the ring. But if I were you, I would go back to save the present,” she left.


It started to shower, lightly. Wura who was oblivious of the impending rain, stayed stuck to the spot as so many thoughts raced through her mind. She would go back into the present but she had a question for her father, one that needed answers.

She followed Bimpe to the room they shared so she could have a nap. Perhaps the nap might take her into the present who knows?

Will Wura go back to the present? If she goes back will she find out the truth about her mother?

What if her mother was alive? What will happen If Wura gets stuck in the future with no means of coming back? Will Obajuwon take over the throne in the present? Will Goke and Wura’s love escapade blossom? Who is Oloye Bisoye’s murderer?



This is a Pelleura Story. Idea and write-up by Funmi Akintade. See The first nine Chapters here

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