Have You Ever Been Married to a Mermaid’s Husband?


This unfortunate incident happened to a friend of mine many years ago. Sade had just married her heartthrob. She had met the guy at a friend’s pool party in Gbagada Lagos some months earlier.

So it came as a shock to us when Sade announced to us that she was getting married. We were all like, ‘when did she meet the guy? Why is she rushing?” Sade was barely 23 when she got married against her parents’ wishes.

However barely 6 months into the wedding, Sade showed up at my doorstep, hair dishevelled, tear stricken face. I ushered her in and offered a seat. But still, it took Sade sometime before she could speak. The statements she made and the story she told, gave me a serious shock; one that took me months to recover from.

In her words; “I noticed that after we go to bed at night, my husband would gently sneak out of the room and wouldn’t be back until 3:00 am in the morning. I was concerned and wanted to know where he was spending his nights.

So one night, I pretended I was asleep when he snuck out as usual. This time I followed him stealthily. And when he walked towards the gate and stepped out of the compound, I became scared. I started having wild thoughts that my husband could be among a gang of robbers.

However, I shook my fear aside and followed him as he turned toward a lonely path that led to a small stream. It is just a little distance away from our house. He stopped by the stream and then I hid behind a tree. But I was close enough for a clear view.

What amazed me most was that he began singing in a melodious voice. I’ve never known my husband to be a good singer; he isn’t even in the church choir, to begin with. But that night, he sang beautifully. Just when I was about giving up to go back to the house, a beautiful woman with two kids appeared on the surface of the water, smiling.

I almost fainted, but curiosity didn’t let me. She welcomed my husband and said ‘my husband, your wife is watching us. I can see her.’

Fear gripped me at the sudden knowledge of these. It was all too much for me to comprehend as I took to my heels and ran all the way to the house. I didn’t sleep that night. I could not sleep. And until now, my husband hasn’t returned, neither is he at the stream.”

After Sade narrated her ordeal, we waited for 6 more months to conclude that her story was real and that her husband was a mermaid’s husband. We never got the proof we wanted, as her husband never returned.

Some people have said her story may be true. Others insist something serious must have happened, but they do not believe the mermaid story or the fact that the so-called mermaid is married to her husband.

I’ve heard a lot of real-life mermaid stories in my life, and we’ll be sharing lots of them on the blog every Saturday. If you know a real-life mermaid story or any paranormal event and you’ll love to share it with us here on the blog, please submit your written experience here. We look forward to reading it.

Meanwhile? Let’s discuss. Are there really mermaids or people from the Marine world living among us? Are there really things we do not see with our eyes or hear with our ears?


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