Ghostwriting Services

1. Ghostwriting Services

We offer Ghostwriting services at N1500 ($4.14) per page, for:

Script Writing for Web series and Movies

Short stories/Novellas/Novels – All fiction genres.

Company history books

Workplace culture books


Digital magazines (N1500 per page = $4.14 per page)

Self-help books

How-to Guides for your products and services (N1500 per page = $4.14 per page)

Story-driven content marketing for businesses

E-course materials for coaches

Blog Articles.

Clients are entitled to only 2 revisions and favourable discounts for bulk work. For prices and discount for bulk work, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Ghostwriting services



2. Creative Website Content.

Your brand’s identity begins here

In the digital world, your prospects judge a brand by its website. Your voice, style and perspective influence prospects to reach out, sign up or read more. Trusting your brand’s message to an external resource can be tough, but we’ve been in the business of creating quality content for over 7 years.

This offer also includes

1. Blog Articles (N1500 ($4.14) per page)

2. Blog Content Strategy (N2000 per page = $5.52 per page)

For more inquiries  about the cost of services and available discounts, please feel free to contact us here or email: Or Whatsapp only: (+234) 8181317681

At Pelleura, we are ever at your service.

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