​Fashion Hot Spot: Be a Slay Queen at That Party With a Perfect Trouser Outfit

Friday and Saturday nights always turn out to be fun filled and the bisection of a chronological flow of wild thoughts and events for party lovers who like to shake off the stress with a peculiar party dress.

Friday dinner dates and Saturday parties do not just center around the fun of thanking God its weekend, but there are also certain etiquettes that accrues to it, including Fashion etiquettes.

When having a dinner date, either with friends, families or that special one, even a blind date, there is nothing more pleasing than making an awesome first impression. And your outfit can easily earn you forgiveness in other area(s) you’re lacking.

I am among the few ladies who love trousers. Yup! That’s me. I remember revolting badly, even as an eighteen years old girl, when my dad insisted I cannot and should not wear trousers. Jeez! ?. Where’s the fun in being a skirt lady all of my days?.

Besides just loving Trousers for the sake of it, I love trousers because I’m very comfortable in them. I walk freely, run freely, board a vehicle freely, jump on a bike freely, run for my life very fast (in case of commotion ?). You see, the list is endless.

So for every wedding event or dinner parties/date, there are stylish trouser outfits one can wear.

We ladies, most especially, see parties, weddings or dates as an avenue to dress to kill. So why not slay with some trouser outfits?

See these lovely trouser outfits from Linda Ikeji’s instagram wall. ??. Thank me later.

This is just simple, gorgeous and divine. Great combo. Yes? Definitely yes.


This is just simple and cool. I like the off shoulders pattern of the blouse, and the fled from the knee of the trousers. And the bag? Perfect, in that you can change it to a purse and keep it as a handbag.

Personally, I’ll definitely prefer to hold it as a purse.


I particularly love the transparent top with fled hands. And the shoes are perfect. Notice the length of the trouser? Yup, exposing a little skin before the shoes has its own magical effect.

This outfit is just beautifully made. Although, I believe I’ll prefer to have the belt behind. And no, I don’t like that red rope dangling from the bag. Jeez! Linda! What were you thinking? Also, notice I cropped the leg off? I didn’t particularly like the sandal she wore with this outfit, especially if one is going for a date or party. Everything else is perfect, including the hair.

So that’s it people. Now over to You. Do you have a stylish top and trouser outfit you think will be cool for a weekend event? PLEASE DROP the pictures in the facebook comment section. A lot of us will love to feed our eyes ?.

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