Strange Man at Iri – The Remaining Chapters


Valerie put down her diary and sighed. The revelations were indeed intriguing. She now had a choice. To either fight for her family, or watch Ese destroy them.

She stood up from the chair, stretched a bit and started out if the study, when loud music suddenly came on from the east wing of the mansion.

Valerie followed the sound of the music to Andrew’s room.

So instead of her to start gearimg up for the fight with Ese, she’s busy dancing to Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack. ????

Can you just Imagine????

Hehehehe… what where you expecting na. Lol.

Anyway. I am here to apologize. People have been sending me messages about continuing our story, Strange Man at Iri”. And then I remember, the last update I gave about the story was via email. So those not subscribed to my email list didn’t get the update.

I apologize for that.

So I’ll state here, what I stated im the update. Strange Man at Iri is almost ready. But I wouldn’t be posting the remaining chapters. Instead, I’m compiling it into an ebook for your reading pleasure and for keeps.

However, when the complete ebook is out, only those subscribed to my main list will get their copies.

The book was to be ready and sent out today. However, I spotted a few parts that needed to be reworked.

So definitely, if you do not get the complete ebook tomorrow. You most certainly will get it on Friday morning. I promise. Cross my heart.

But please remember. If you’re not subscribed to my email list, you wouldn’t receive it, because it will be sent only to contact emails. in my list.

To subscribe to my email list, please hit this link.


See you on the other side. And Thanks for your patience.

So, that aside. Knack me tory jor. How was your day?

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14 thoughts on “Strange Man at Iri – The Remaining Chapters

  1. Hi Karo! Your story, Strange Man at Iri, is very interesting and I would love to see the end. I subscribed to your mailing list last week but I did not receive the remaining chapters. Please help!

    1. Hi Pearl, I’m glad you love the story. Please follow the link to subscribe, and you’d get a free copy –

      The alternative is that you give me permission to help you subscribe to my list and send you the ebook. Subscribing you means you’ll be receiving emails from me once every week. Please let me know which you would prefer.

      1. Please I can’t found d remaining ones n I want to read to end. My Email. Deardearestamaka@gmail.

  2. Please have subscribed but still not gotten any sort of notification really enjoy the story and want finish it

      1. Good morning ma.. Pls ma I have subscribed but I haven’t gotten the remaining chapters.. Please send it to me, I really enjoyed the previous chapters I have read already and I can’t wait to finish the remaining chapters.. Thank you ma

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