8 Best Beginners Make-up Videos for Black Girls

Make-up videos for black girls

Looking for tutorial make-up videos for black girls, you’re in the right place.

Sitting at home or not, make-up is here to stay. And we black ladies aren’t left behind. We look for best make-up tricks every day, to help us have a variety of look for various occasions.

So I took my time to put together some of the best tutorial make-up video for black girls. These tutorials also teach newbies how to master their make-up. I’m sure you’ll love them.


1. Lovevinni_

Lovevinni_, also known as Javinia.T, is the owner of NVU Cosmetics. She shares beauty, make-up and lifestyle tips on her YouTube Channels, every Sunday and Thursday.


2. HowcastCareStyle

This channel is about personal care and lifestyle. I particularly love their make-up video tutorials because of their creativity and simplicity


3. JustBritannyH

Brittany focuses on beauty and lifestyle videos for black women. She also has videos on hair care and hairstyles for black women. I love how her videos emphasize on beauty tips for black skin women.


4. Stacia Alia

Stacia is mostly about hairstyles, hair colours, tattoos and fashion wear for women. But she also touches on make-up tips and tricks, occasionally. Below is one of her best make-up videos for black girls.


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5. Mary Tardito

Mary is a lifestyle YouTuber. She focuses on tips and hacks for ladies. Below is one of her best make-up videos for black girls.


6. Fashion Trend Seeker

This channel is all about keeping your fashion, skincare, hair, and make-up style, fresh and up-to-date with the latest hacks.


7. Shanny Stephens

Shanny is all about hair wigs, natural hair tricks and make-up. I love that she focuses on black skin.


8. Kathryn Bedell

Kathryn is a lifestyle, self-care, make-up and beauty YouTuber. Her videos will leave you wowing.


9. Ronkeraji

Ronkeraji is all about lifestyle, beauty and self-care hacks for black ladies. I love her emphasis on black skin.


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