10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Consider Abortion

Abortion, according to Wikipedia, “is the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus”. It is one of the major causes of maternal deaths today. The reasons why a lot of women consider aborting their pregnancies are;

1. It was not planned for, and so it becomes unwanted
2. If the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.
3. If the mother/family are financially not capable of raising a child.

In recent times, some part of society has supported a law that allows women to decide what to do with their bodies, including abortion. Some countries have pushed further to allow women abort late-term pregnancies, while some support the killing of babies within five minutes of being born and still tag it ‘abortion’.

Unfortunately, this craziness has led to many deaths of both mother and the unborn child, as well as complications in the body and life of some women who have engaged in abortions, and now are regretting their actions.

Also, support of this action by society has led to the mass murder of babies who would have grown up to become useful to their family and community at large

God has a purpose for each soul, and a baby has a soul. Abortion should never be made an option simply because of a mistake. An innocent unborn child should not suffer because two people couldn’t own up to their responsibilities. Life is not ours to take, and as long as a child begins to form in your womb, and the child has a heartbeat in your womb, that child is a living being.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t consider having an abortion, and I have listed 10 of these reasons below;

1. Abortion Is Synonymous To Killing A Human Being.

Thou shall not kill is the sixth commandment of God which you should follow. Every of God’s creations has a right to live and you shouldn’t be the one to determine which one should live and which one shouldn’t. If a child is being conceived by mistake or through rape, there are solutions you can take order than abortion–give the child out in adoption to people who would cater for him/her.

Many people believe that if abortion is done at an early stage, it is okay because the baby is not yet developed. Please know that from the moment of fertilization (conception), a life is formed, and it has a right to live. Let’s understand that abortion is wrong and it is the same as taking a life that you cannot create.

2. It Is Harmful To Women

Abortion can result in various forms of mental, emotional, and physical harm, and it can also lead to death, affects a woman’s fertility or cause an increase in miscarriage in the future. There are different risks associated with abortion; Pelvic infections, blood clots in the uterus, heavy bleeding, and perforated uterus.

As people are different, complications vary. Rather than go through all these because of a mistake, why not let the child live?

3. Abortion Eliminates The Potential Of Future Impacts On Humanity

You cannot know the purpose of a child you want to abort, on earth. God has reasons for creating life and if you take the life of one of these sweet humans who may have a purpose to better humanity, no one would ever know.

4. Abortion Can Damage Relationships and Families

90% of unmarried couples who decide to abort their babies, do not end up together in the long run. The men will always find an excuse to leave the relationship after the abortion. As a woman, do not let any man convince you into having an abortion with the excuse that they are not ready, or that you should do it for love. It doesn’t always end well, and abortion is not the answer to a successful relationship.

5. The Guilt Will Never Go Away

Abortion is an act that involves taking a life, no matter how you try to paint it. A living being has been killed and this reality cannot be erased even with time. It is a choice that you should never make because such a choice is going to hunt you forever.

However, if you have had to go through the process before, there are ways to heal from it. First, be accepting that you have committed a great mistake and ask for God’s forgiveness, then you can undergo therapy for you to recover and feel whole again.

6. It Doesn’t Solve Problems

At the early stage of an abortion, it would seem like your problems have been erased, no one finds out and you move on with your life, but in reality, abortion only hides your problem. It wouldn’t change the fact that you were pregnant or have taken a life. Abortion creates new problems.

The truth will always be better than lying or hiding from it. Before considering abortion, open up and you will see that unwanted pregnancy is not a thing of shame, people will accept this and move on, you will have the baby, and everything will be alright.

7. Abortion Is Irresponsible

Women and men should learn to accept responsibility for what comes, after sex. Being responsible for pregnancy should not involve taking a life. It is about making hard choices. Even though the timing is wrong or the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy is difficult, choose to raise the child, choose adoption and not abortion. Abortion is irresponsible and wrong.

8. Abortion Do Not Empower Women

Some women think that abortion is part of women’s right. This is very bad you shouldn’t be choosing to kill your unborn child. Nothing is empowering about this. Abortion shouldn’t be a choice at all.

9. Abortion Damages Women

Abortion can damage both the physical and emotional health of a woman that undergoes it.

10. You May Be Aborting A Gift

I have come across stories of young women who, after second thoughts decided to have their babies, instead of aborting them. In the long run, that child became the answer to their many nights of prayers.

You never can tell what gifts God is sending you through that unborn child, aborting that child means aborting that gift.


Abortion is not your only option. If you are not ready to be a parent or care for a child, there are opportunities to give away your child in adoption to couples who will love and care for the child. You can also get financial help from agencies that would love to help.



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