10 Ways The Universe Communicates With You (Pay Attention)

The universe communicates with you? The straight answer is yes.

Our world today is not what it used to be. A lot of us have been dumbed down day after day and year after year, to let go of the things that makes us who we are. And because we have let go of these gifts we were born with, we have waded through life experiencing a lot of things that ordinarily could have been avoided.

In all aspects of life, communication is important, and understanding how the universe communicates with you helps you understand life and makes you feel more aligned and connected to your roots. There are different ways the universe communicates with you, we are just too wrapped up in the world comparing our lives, getting frustrated with work, and focusing on our problems to notice how the universe responds to us. Yes, the universe listens and sends you a message or messages that would direct you to the right path.

The universe talks to us, it tries to get our attention, guide us, connect with us, and awaken us. How do you know when the universe is communicating with you? To understand the communication you need to be aware of it, you need to pay attention. Oftentimes we get confused, feel lost, and ask for a sign to make a decision, but then, most times, we forget to pay attention and watch out for the signs we ask for.

Universal communication can be quiet and subtle, or it can be loud. But it is mostly subtle. That is why we must pay attention and be mindful so that we receive the signs and answers we want and take actions to change our realities

The universe communicates with you

Below Are 10 Ways The Universe Communicates With You

1. Through People: Some answers come in the form of people. For example, you get an unexpected text from a long time friend, you hear some words of wisdom from a random person or you meet someone new. The universe places different people in life to teach us what we need to know to enrich our lives.

Not everyone that comes around you comes with a sign or message from the universe, but it is a sign or message when the solution of what you are looking for comes randomly from someone telling you something. At that point, if you feel it immediately, the key is to act on it.

My father had one of the biggest businesses in my city. Before he started that business, he prayed for ideas. At that time, he was using his car for cab services. On a particular day, he picked up a man who shared business ideas with him during their short discussion to his destination. My dad instantly knew this was his answer. He acted on the information from that man and started the business. Within a year, the business was making millions daily.


2. Strong Emotion: If you are the type that is ever mindful of your emotions, you normally have two choices, you either let them rule you or you look at them as a sign or opportunity to learn something new about yourself and your life. When someone triggers an unpleasant emotion in you, know that we are all mirrors of each other and you should take it as a sign that you need to work on that aspect of you rather than becoming petty about it.


3. Intuition: There are times you wanted to say ‘no’ to something and you were sure of it, but you ended up saying yes because you were trying to please someone. In the end, you regretted it. Listening to your guts is the same as listening to the universe. The universe always wants what is best for us as well as guides us to what we desire and need. Your intuition is like a radar that constantly sends you in the direction of your dreams and true self, or sends you in the direction where you will be protected.

Over the years, after so many bad experiences, I learned to listen to my intuition about things, people, and circumstances. I remember the day I was in a hurry to work. There were two busses in front of me and my instincts told me to get into the one with no passengers. I refused to because the other bus had a few passengers and will move earlier than the other. Along the way, I got rubbed in that bus.

So in hurrying to work, I ignored my intuition and the result was loss of some of my valuables and money.


4. Meditation: Meditation places you in a calm serene state that allows you to be present and connect with the universe differently. If you get ideas and inspiration during meditations always work with them. Some of the best ideas and guides are gotten during, or a few minutes after meditation.

If you haven’t started learning to meditate, you should, because you are missing a lot.


5. Music: There are times random songs pop into your head or a certain song comes up randomly on the radio. You feel a strong connection to the song and the need to explore further. There could be a message for you in that song, and you can get that message by interpreting the meaning of the song as it connects to your life.


6. Synchronicity: Synchronicity is a random occurrence of events that seem coincidental and related yet not connected by anything.

For example, you are on your way to work, you see a child with a blue balloon. Getting to work, someone offers your co-worker blue balloons. Then on your way home, you see another blue balloon on a new car. It is not a coincidence. This is one of the ways the universe communicates with you that you are on the right path.

When things work out very well in your favour, or everything seems to go on smoothly than normal, you are experiencing synchronicity.

For me, I could walk on the street and come across random people who, at first glance resemble a friend or relation that I haven’t seen for a long while. When this happens, I normally see or hear from the person whose appearance I saw on those random people, about a week later. Sometimes, it happens in just a few days, and it is usually a happy reunion.


7. Words or Physical Signs: A sign can be with words or pictures on it, telling you a message. When you get this kind of sign, the key is to follow your gut and not overthink it. I’ve come across people who spoke just a few words about nothing in particular, but their words have created more healing and guidance than a therapist could.


8. Your Imagination: This is one of the best ways to communicate with the universe. It is the purest and most awesome power humans have. The universe constantly fuels our minds and sends messages through our imaginations. Our dreams and aspirations all started from imagination. The universe plants these seeds to allow us to think outside the box, do unexpected things with this freeing power of unlimited possibilities. Dreams start with imagination, and the universe fuels this imagination.


9. Coincidence: When something positive happens to you at the right time and place, it is not random, it is the universe communicating with you. This is not luck, just take it and go with it.

I tried using the ATM to initiate payment for our rent, but it got rejected. I went from bank to bank and atm to atm. Same problem. So I decided to use my phone. It was during the phone transfer that I realised I was trying to sending money to the wrong account via the atm. And If I had kept pushing I would have lost that money.

My phone transfer, despite having a limited sending limit, ended up being my saving grace


10: Unfortunate Circumstances: Most times, we experience situations that happen and make us sad sometimes, but with time, we realize that it happened for the best. For example, if you miss a bus and you later find out that the same bus you missed got robbed on the way, that is the universe keeping you safe and well.

I once had a boyfriend I was so into. He was Into me too. When he broke up with me, it was devasting and I blamed my entire family for that.

Before the end of that year, I was thankful we broke up. Marrying that guy would have been a disaster for me now. The universe only broke us up, becasue it was telling us both, we are not meant for each other.


11. Dreams: I for one, I’m a person whose dreams come true 90% of the time. There are times I wake up to see my dream happen before my eyes, and there are times it has taken days, weeks, months or years. It made me want to understand how dreams really work and as such, I studied my experiences and that of others. And I found that most dreams are projections of what is to come. They are like a warning, and yes, bad dreams can be erased with prayers. No one wants a bad dream to coem true.

The universe communicates with you in different ways outsisde of this list. You just need two requirements that will help you heart it. They are are ‘presence and awareness’.

Stay focused and stay connected to your roots.


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