18 Lovely Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

The latest fashion trend among ladies of African decent, is keeping a short natural hair. We all know that looking good boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. And in connection with looking good, this trend has been on for years now. While some ladies who tapped into the trend earlier have grown their virgin hair to a resonable lenght, some other women only got on board the trend about a year, or less than a year, or just a few months ago.

So if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been on this journey for about a year and your hair has grown to a certain length, or hasn’t grown well at all, then this is for you.

Hair styles for virgin hairs include:

1. Twist out hairstyles

2. Flat twist hairstyles

3. Cornrows hairstyles

4. Blow out hairstyles

5. Low cut hairtsyles

Of course, you can also braid your short hair or fix a weavon on it. But we would only be talking about these easy to do and unique hairstyles. See them below.


Low Cut Hairtsyles For Natural Hair


Short Natural Hair


Short Natural Hair



Short Natural Hair



Twist Out Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair


Short Natural Hair


Natural Hair


Natural Hair





Blow Out Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair





Flat Twist Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair




Which of these hairstyles will you be trying out?




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