Vampires in the Church?

Worshiping God is one thing, worshipping the church or the pastor, is another.

In my 30+ years on earth, I’ve come to understand that Christianity is taken to be something else. That shouldn’t be the case.

Christianity should be between you and God. Accountability should be to God, not to your Pastor or Reverend, or Bishop.

It’s just unfortunate that a lot of people have placed their lives, businesses, marriages, education, etc, in the hands of pastors, instead of the hand of God.

At the slightest sign of trouble, you go to pastor for prayer.

I’m not writing this to point fingers at any pastor, but we should know that Pastors, Reverend, Bishops etc are human. They are not different from the everyday man and woman, boy and girl, you come across.

The only difference between you and a pastor is that he was called into ministry

Do you now see why, if you place your marriages, businesses, or everyday life, in their hands, you’re bound to fail? Especially if that pastor, in reality, doesn’t really know anything about God and prayers?

We’ve heard countless stories of how, in the name of wanting a pastor to help an issue, instead of talking to God about it, issues are compounded?

The truth is, there are a lot of men out there, who were not called by God, into ministry. A lot of them go into it to become important to a selected few, who become their church members. Others do it as business.

The former is even better than the letter. Why? Because those doing it as business, will go to any length to perform miracles, just so they can pull in more customers, in form of church members, to their business, to pay more tithe and offering.

Nope! I’m not saying all men of God who perform miracles are fake. I’m saying, it is better you draw closer to God for yourself. It is better you pray for yourself and your problems, than fall into the hands of wrong pastors.

I’ll tell you a story. Not fiction.

Back when I was in secondary school, I was among a selected few who held fellowship in my school. And occasionally, we invited pastors from different churches, to preach.

The reason for that was, we were trying to make a point that, what ever church you attend, whoever your pastor is, it makes no difference. We are all serving one God. And so we should live in peace, and as one.

But then, there was this certain pastor we invited for a kind of convention in school. When he came, our head coordinator and the rest of us welcomed him warmly. And then the service started.

This guy was all about miracles, casting out demons, and everything in between.

There was this particular girl, two classes ahead of me then, that everyone saw as promiscuous. Reason is, there was a time news about her sexcapade with a male student, during an all night service a number of our students attended, spread like wildfire.

So oga pastor concentrated on her. He prayed fire and brimstone on her until the babe started to scream like someone possessed.

Yes, pray for her very well. That was me. Lol. And the utterances I heard from some of the students close by, confirmed they were saying same thing, only with different words.

So we were all happy watching her scream, with hopes that, she will change. How e take concern us sef? 😜

When the pastor was done with her, he faced us, his congregation, and asked us to close our eyes and pray. He started calling out prayer points.

But trust me. I’ve been a rebel long enough. I didn’t close my eyes. I had and still have this idea that, I can choose to or not to close my eyes when praying. But during the prayers, I opened my eyes for a different reason. I wanted to see if the man who asked us to pray, was actually praying, or doing something else.

I used to do that a lot, even before that day. In church especially.

So, my dears, imagine the shock I had, when I saw the fake pastor, behaving like a vampire, looking for someone’s blood to suck. No, I’m not trying to paint a picture I did not see. I saw it. No one told me. I saw it.

And No. He had no fangs. But you know the way Vampires bare their teeth when they want to feed? Yeah. Like that. Then he would quickly scan the congregation like he was looking for someone.

He’d do that, while students were praying. When they were almost done with the prayer points, he’d close his eyes again, behave normal, and start to call out other prayer points.

I was just a teenager. So yeah. I was scared to my bones. And when I saw he was about to look in my direction, I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be praying. Then I opened them again, after some minutes. And there he was, still looking for whoever it was he was looking for.

Afterwards, he asked us to open our eyes. He started going, row by row, to lay hands on all of us. Me? I was too scared to talk. I feared to challenge him. I feared that if I even challenge him, he could tell everyone I was possessed by a witch and the witch doesn’t want to be casted out, hence it is using me to challenge him. 😕

Yeah. I was scared like that. So when he got to my seat, I fearfully let him lay hands on me. He even blew breeze on my face too. Chai! 😭

My thought though was, after this service, I’ll go and pray for myself again, to remove whatever rubbish he was transferring to me, before the effects start to manifest in whatever form.

Oh. Yeah. It started the moment he blew breeze on my face. I’ve always been sensitive to both physical and spiritual issues. So I knew something was wrong when I started to feel small objects attach themselves to my face.

I wasn’t seeing the objects. But I felt them. Sometimes, it was like wind blowing sand, in my face. I used my face towel, that was what I used then, to wipe my face over and over again.

I even ran to the tap, washed the towel and wiped my face again, hard, almost peeling my skin.

Nothing came off. There was no dirt, no sand, no dust. But I continued to feel those invisible objects stuck to my face. And worse? A lot more joined it.

This lasted for the rest of the school period, lesson period, and the time it took me to get home, that day.

As luck would have it, my parents were home when I got in. Even before putting down my school bag, I told them of my experience. My dad was angry. He warned me never to allow anybody again, to lay hands on my head, especially.

He said, “If they must pray for you, tell them to pray from where they are. No need for contact”,

And I have kept to that till date, and more. No one blows breeze on my face or lays hand on my head, not even for play. Unless the person is someone very close to me and I give him/her permission to touch my head. For play o. Not prayers. Lol.

Anyway, to cut long story short. My dad, mom, and I, spent a greater part of the night praying. When I slept and woke up the next morning, it had stopped. I wasn’t feeling objects attached, or attaching themselves to me again.

The second day in school was actually a wrap up of the program. Yes. It was a two days program. But I left the hall when prayers started, since I was too scared to tell the pastor not to touch me again. After the entire service, I told the head coordinator of my experience.

He was not happy. He decided to call everyone who attended the fellowship, for another service, where we prayed to undo, whatever evil the false man of God had done in our lives.

So yes, there are fake pastors, or should I say, Vampires, parading themselves as men of God.

You only know yourself. God has given every man on earth, the right to speak with him directly. You don’t need your pastor to be your go between. Pray for yourself. Most importantly don’t let every Tom Dick and Harry, to lay hands on you.

Note: the girl who was screaming due to the prayers – the one with the All night sexcapade story. Yes. That one. She continued with her way, and even became worse. The last I saw her though.

Moral of the post? Pray for yourself. Pray for your marriage. Pray for your business. Pray for your health. You can talk to God by yourself.

Do not run from one pastor to the other, so you don’t fall prey to the vices of vampires parading as pastors.

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  1. Tank u made for this eye opener. A lot is happening Out there. I have a female colleague who can’t do anything without her pastor. If she wants to help u her pastor must know about it. Her children upbringing too. It is the pastor that will tell her what to do or not. I pray the scale will fall from her eyes soon. More inspiration ma

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