Love From The Cult – Update

A very good evening to you, and happy new week.

Did you see the announcement for my new book, Love From the Cult?”
See the description: Christiana is a young lady who experiences the heart-break of her life. And she got quite sad, her friend was going to get married and leave her behind in the singles club.

But as events unfold, she discovers her boyfriend broke up with her to protect her from cult members who want her dead at all cost, following a prophecy, she will give birth to a boy child who will destroy them in the future. Her friend is unfortunately, married to a man from the cult.

So early last week, just after I announced the ‘coming soon’ of our new book, yes, our. I can’t really say what happened. I don’t even know how to explain it. All I can say is, I had severe stomach ache. A day later, painful purge joined, and on the third day, full-blown malaria. 😟😟😟😟


Yeah. Like that. In stages. Stomach pain, abdominal pain, body pains, headache, dizziness. By on Thursdays evening, I started to feel much better. I even went shopping.

See ehn, I have never, ever, experienced what I passed through last week. So it was really surprising. How I managed making some posts and facing my work with Okadabooks with that amount of pain is still a mystery to me.

All the same, I thank God for seeing me through. And I am much better today.

Unfortunately, this affected the release of our story, Love From the Cult. I remember announcing that the new story will be out tomorrow. But I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline. Since I got better, I looked through what I wrote. A part of it suddenly didn’t make sense to me. Terrible. So I highlighted the parts, and hit the delete button. 😃😃

It’s not funny, but the pains I went through must have reset the story idea in my head. 😂😂😂😂😂.

So this is me saying, I’m so sorry, ‘Love From the Cult’ wouldn’t be out tomorrow. But hey, don’t be sad. We will continue with our short series, Betrayed, while I re-write The concluding parts of ‘Love from the Cult’.

Did you miss Betrayed? See the two parts here:

Betrayed 1

Betrayed 2

So, me aside. How have you been?

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