Relationship Hangout With Bella: Her Boyfriend Saw Through Her Facade and Jumped to My Defence

“You should not have brought them there Isabella! Why did you bring them to that stupid house. Why eh? You should have taken them to the second house my family has, not that God-forsaken place!” Juliet told me in the presence of her friends which consists of her boyfriend, his sister and some two friends of theirs.

See me see trouble oh….

I was surprised at her reaction. My mind did a quick calculation too; which other house did Juliet’s family have apart from this very one I brought her boyfriend and his friends to? Why would she deny her parents’ home in front of her boyfriend, his sister and friends?

Besides, I noticed she gave me the eye cut that said, support me na. Say yes it is true. There is another house that I should have taken your guests to.

A good thing though, her boyfriend saw through her facade and jumped to my defence, telling her, “Juliet, stop denying your house because of us. I know you are denying this house probably because of the way it looks. But there is no crime if you live in this house, it’s your home”.

But no way! She insisted she was embarrassed that I brought to this poor abode without informing her. She also insisted, if she was informed, she’d have asked that I take them to the new house instead.

I was speechless.

Juliet and I have been friends for months now. And I have come to notice that she has the habit of pretending to be who she is not.

The very first time I met her, she was dressed like those Akate girls (girls who have been abroad and back). She went ahead to tell me that her father had returned aboard with her mother and siblings for a brief holiday. According to her tale, she didn’t want to go with them because she had a Senator’s party to attend the same week.

Naive me. I believed her.

It was one faithful day I took a stroll in the neighborhood that I saw her coming out of a dirty face me I face you bungalow. The surroundings was tidy. The house was a saw sight. Plus, a part of it had crumbled. I can’t really say what caused that.

I called her name. She was shocked. She went on a denying spree until her mother emerged. She felt ashamed. Yes. But she also begged me to be quiet about it.

The reason I shared this story with you is that in a lot of relationships today, are built on lies. One spouse is cunning, deceitful, or boastful. If you pretend to be what you are not, just know that a day will come when the truth will be revealed, just like it happened with Juliet.

When you are in a relationship, try to be the real you. Don’t suddenly become what you’re not all because you want to impress your Partner. If you are not honest in a relationship, you won’t be having any peace of mind at all. You will live in constant fear that one day. your partner will found out the truth about you.

Guys are not left out of this. I have heard of a case that happened few years back. This guy liked a girl from a very rich home, so he decided to play the role of a big boy who lives in London and just came to Nigeria in search of a wife.

When he finally approached her under that guise, she fell in love with him. The duo dated for some months before deciding to get married. On their wedding night, the guy mistakenly sent a message that was meant for his friend to his wife’s number. She read the message. It was something about celebrating his victory of marrying a rich girl. His friends had lent him money throughout their courtship and also for their marriage, and he was promising to start paying them back gradually. Where was he going to get the money from? Of course, his new rich wife. The text also had boastful messages of having played his game well.

His shocked, new, rich wife was shocked beyond words. But she did show him the text. He pleaded saying it was the devil-handwork. A week later they got divorced.

I believe the guy mostly won her heart because of his personality. If he had been himself, she probably would still have married him.

Ladies, Gentlemen, as long as the success of a relationship is concerned, pretending to be what you are not won’t help you. Be yourself, and:

1. Your Relationship will Last.

2. Your Partner will love you more.

3. You will have peace of mind. And you can carry on without fear of being discovered. Neither do you have to keep cooking up lies to cover other lies

For your relationship to stay strong you need to be TRUE to yourself first, and then your Partner.

Do not kill your beautiful relationship with lies.


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Relationship handout with Bella
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke is a passionate creative writer and a contributor on Pelleura. Her work, titled, ‘My Legendary-Achebe’ earned her an award in the 2016 essay writing competition. When she isn’t working or glued to her books, she spends time thinking up new ideas. Her two novels, Moonlight and the Warrior and The Return of Ijele are available on Okadabooks. She is currently working on her third. Her life is indeed, her message.

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