How Do You Make Money Writing Romance?

I have come a long way. I tell that to myself and anyone who cares to listen. And when people approach me for advice as regards writing and making money off it, I tell them as it is. Straight up. You have to put in the work, both in bringing out the write-up and in selling it.

As a writer, when I first started out, I would write adventure, fantasy, crime, mystery etc with a little touch of romance. And other times, there was just no romance at all. A few people responded to these stories. However since I did my research, I discovered, romance sells like hot cake. Yup, it does. This discovery has made me pay more attention to it.

My active readers kind of double every time I post a well written romance story.

The interesting thing about writing romance is that, generation after generation will buy romance, because of that intimacy, conflict, and thrill it offers. This is something they face in their everyday lives.

And from my experience, reading a book on how to love and be loved, as well as how to solve conflicts in relationships, help readers map out ways they think they can solve their own relationship issues.

I used to tell myself I really do not like to write romance. There’s a lot of ordinary feel to it. Yes, I’m not one of those who like something ordinary. I like something out of this world. But hey, I decided I could at least focus on paranormal romance and fantasy romance, which is far from ordinary. And believe me, it has and is still paying off.

The last paranormal romance free e-book I wrote landed me 300 plus subscribers and counting. Everyday, I get email notificationS of new subscribers. Cool yes? Yes.

A lot of writers have told me, they do not want to jump on the band wagon of romance. But who says you have to? Weave a sweet kind of romance into your adventure story and you’re good. Weave it into your crime fiction, mystery etc, and you’re good.

You can write good romance and make out of this world kind of sales.

Now we all know that writing a bomb of a romance story is different from marketing and selling it. That’s why I am introducing to you to one of the top people I learnt from. A lot of writers are still learning from her. She is Yuwanda Black, of

Yuwanda’s blog,, is devoted to teaching writers how to make money from their craft. It doesn’t matter if they are self-publisher authors, course developers, bloggers affiliate marketers, or freelance writers.

Yuwanda has also developed numerous successful, online courses. She has been freelancing since 1993, and has made her living completely online since 2007. And she teaches others how to enjoy this same kind of career freedom.

I have been in her email list since as far back as 2013. However I didn’t really take her advice, following the fact that I felt I should do things my own way.

Well I tried that. I decided not to follow such good advice and stuck to being a struggling writer until recently when I carried out a research. Funny enough, my research still in a way, led me back to Yuwanda and I thought, well, I hit gold all these years but refused to use it to my advantage.

I may be late in applying her techniques. But it is better to be late than never applying what works. And I am beginning to make headway.

The wonderful thing about Yuwanda’s teachings is that, she doesn’t go around the internet looking for people’s stories to use as example. She teaches you based on her direct experience. She shows you, step by step, how she went about producing a particular Ebook, how she marketed it, how she made sales and how much she made. These step by step guides are taught, so you can implement them in your own writing business and grow quickly, instead of wasting time with mistakes and regrets as I did.

Let us be frank. These days, the writing business is a gold mine. And those who say, well I just want to write for fun, are missing out on the juicy part. When you look into your account, the payment you get for write ups you’ve done, looking at you, there is a sense of satisfaction. You feel you’re starting to really get recognized because, if you’re not recognized, no matter how small, no one will buy your work(s).

Yuwanda’s Make Money Writing Romance e-course teaches you how to make money writing and self-publishing romance ebooks.

Yuwanda’s courses gives you FIRST- HAND INSIGHT on this, having written 40 + ROMANCE NOVELS & COUNTING. She tells you where the pitfalls are, how to avoid them and get straight up to where you want to be.

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I always tell people, if you want quality, you have got to pay for it. Free courses are wonderful. But paid courses are excellent. They tell you much more and help you actually scale through.

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PS: The links above are affiliate links. This means that if you enroll for the course, I get a commission.

PSS: Those who sign up will get an extra e-course that outlines for you, basic marketing research steps that I have used to build my audience thus far and sell my ebooks.

So, cheers to our success. And see you at the other side.

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