Relationship Hangout With Bella: Spouses are Killing Their Better Half Over Stupid Things

“Since I met and got married to my husband, I have been the most happiest woman on earth. My marriage to my husband has been a huge blessing to me and it is the most beautiful gift I have ever received.

When we first got married, I can remember that day like the back of my hand, on our wedding night, before we did anything sexual he surprised me by saying we should kneel down and pray, handing our marriage to God, for he is the head to our marriage.

Well, I won’t lie that along the way there was no misunderstanding, lying or cheating. But when ever such things occur, we put aside our misunderstanding and pray to God. After that, we will both go to bed, forgiving each other. The next day, we are back in love with each other.

Divorce isn’t always the answer to escape from your prison. When you and your spouse were courting, you couldn’t get enough of each other’s company. And when you eventually got married, you heard what the officiating pastor or Rev. Father said in his teaching, about marriage. It is not a bed of roses.

Have you forgotten all those years the both of you spent in each other arms and just like that you want to throw away that special something? Like I said, Divorce is not always the answer. Today, I am reaping what I laboured for, and my marriage is 65 years old”.

Mrs Joy is an elderly lady, a friend of my mom that I have come to admire a lot.

When you look at what is happening today, you will find that spouses are killing their better half over stupid things. When you watch the television, listen to the radio or read the local newspaper, you will realize that almost all domestic violence news are the same, A woman killed her husband, or a Man beat his wife to death.

Many Ladies rush into marriage because they want to bear Mrs. But what if you end up with a wrong person, thinking it will work out for you both. A marriage done for the wrong reasons won’t last

A man was traveling by air and wore his wedding ring on the wrong finger. Someone saw it quickly told the man he has put the wedding ring on a wrong finger. The man replied, it is because he married the wrong woman.

In the days of old, when a man was ready to settle down, he would go to his in-laws to be. The elders in the girl’s family will then give him a goat, hen, or a pig to take home and look after it for one year.

By the ending of the year, the elders will go and check on the animal they had given him. If it was a pig they gave him and it looked dirty, they will conclude that he wasn’t capable in taken care of their daughter. And that will be the end of that marriage proposal.

It is not a thing of joy to see a beautiful couple going for divorce after two or three years in the marriage. When you ask them why they wanted to go their separate ways, you will be surprised of the flimsy reasons they would give.

If it is a life threatening issue that makes them want to leave, or a case of constant infidelity, that’s understandable. But these days, you see divorce for lousy reasons such as he does not help me wash plates, he does not have a job any more (then why not look for ways to support him?), or, she is fat now and ugly. After how many children, you expect her to still be Agbani?

A marriage that doesn’t have God in it is like a house built without foundation. Whenever you have misunderstanding with your spouse, before you go to sleep, you have to make peace with him or her and also pray to your creator.

A marriage you don’t prepare for will confuse you when you get there. But when you put God into your marriage, you will have an unending days of marital bliss.

When I see couples that have successful marriages, I go to listen to them, because out of their mouth comes the great words of wisdom on marriage.

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Ifeoma Isabella Okeke is a passionate creative writer and a contributor on Pelleura. Her work, titled, ‘My Legendary-Achebe’ earned her an award in the 2016 essay writing competition. When she isn’t working or glued to her books, she spends time thinking up new ideas. Her two novels, Moonlight and the Warrior and The Return of Ijele are available on Okadabooks. Her life is indeed, her message.

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